Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New year!!

Happy New Year readers!
I hope 2014 started well for you and I hope you will have a very good year with lots of smiles on your path!
I also hope you will enjoy my blog this year too...
So let me start with the beautiful new group gift by Sascha's Designs. Each month her group members are spoiled with a lovely new gown for free. The enrolment fee is 100 L$ but you get all previous gifts too, which means you get about 65 great outfits!
This month it is this lovely black gown with a rococo skirt. There is an option to buy extra skirts or accessories with the monthly gown, the extra's are 75 L$.
Then the 70th round of the Designer Circle started. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and there are a lot of great bargains to find there. A perfect way to fill your inventory with great design on a low budget.
This first great set in blye is on offer at the Designer Circle by GraffitiWear. The top & skirt are 95 L$ and the matching boots are also 95 L$.
GraffitiWear also has some great tops on offer at the Designer Circle ladies! These tops come in black, pink or gold and you get 2 versions in one buy. The tops are 85 L$ per set.
Then Baboom has a great purple and black lace dress on offer at the Designer Circle. This dress is 100 L$ but it is just so much fun to wear! I love the delicate lace part and the fun purple and black stripes!
Over to a new hunt...well not completely new, but as the Peace on Earth hunt has ended it is fun to do a new one don't you think? The Winter Solstice Hunt has started already and you can find a HINT & LINK page here. The hunt runs till January 21st so you still have 3 weeks to find all those lovely goodies!
I landed at #3 Allusions and if you find the hunt box with the raven on it at their store you will get so many gifts, you won't believe it! You get a very elegant outfit, jeans in 2 colours, 2 different tops and op top of that also a set of GREAT nails. To wear these nails you have to own the SLINK enhancer (or the SLINK hands). The enhancer is 150 L$ at the SLINK store.
And if you can locate the hunt box at Bluemoon Creations you will get 2 gifts. You get these 2 great Shadow boxes. The one with the wine is animated, the wine flows.
The next participant in the Winter Solstice hunt is Dahlliwood. They have this great Shadowbox hidden inside their hunt box.
Over to Frogstar. They have also a shadowbox as a gift and this one is animated too. You can see he snow falling...perfect for winter!
My last find in the Winter Solstice hunt is this lovely log. It is the hunt gift at [Hate this]. The candles can be lit, and it spreads a lovely light in the dark winter days!