Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New beginings

Hi there readers!
Today new beginnings, first the new round of the Designer Circle. They started their 72nd round and this round runs till February 8th. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ so you can find a lot of great quality bargains there!
Then I found a few gifts in tne New Beginnings hunt. This hunt runs till the 20th of February and you can find a HINT & LINK page here. You are looking for a green lamp in this hunt.
The skin & shape I am wearing on my blog is Donna tan, cleavage option, make up #2 (NOT free) by WoW skins. All the hair I am wearing is by Tameless, the longer hair is called Citrine, the updo is called Sienna (NOT free).
The hands are by SLINK (NOT free).

But first I want to start with a 49 L$ item which you can find for just TWO days at DaneMarkZ. My friend Hannah created this great red Valentines dress, and the matching pearl necklace and for the next 48 hours you can pick it up for just 49 L$. Oh I already said that. Well it is such a bargain ladies...I am glad I got it and I am able to share it with you!
The poses I am using with this lovely dress are by Icons of Style and they have 2 great sets of poses on offer at the Designer Circle. One set is called Aisha and the other Rafaella and you get 6 different poses but also the mirrored ones! Each set is just 55 L$. You can also find Icons of Style on MARKETPLACE.
Then I decided I needed to do some sports and I got the great leggings E-Clipse has on offer at the Designer Cirlce. They come in 2 colours (red and black) and each one is 99 L$, including the spikes on the sides. The great BlahBLAHblah jacket, which is called Royal Pom Pom jacket is just 99 L$. I am showing you only the BROWN version but you get a hud with this jacket, and with this hud you can change this jacket into 5 great colours! What a bargain!
The cute High Tops are by Blackburns and they are colour change by touch. You can find them for free on Marketplace.

After running for a while I took a shower and I looked at my new skin in the mirror. WoW...a real WoW skin and shape for just 99 L$ (skin ans shape are priced separately, each is 99 L$)? Yes this beautiful Cecilia skin & shape are on offer at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ ladies. It comes in a beautiful tan skin tone and ALL appliers are included.

Now if you like your shape more curvy or taller, you don't need to go far. At the Designer Circle you can find sexy curvy shapes by Vivid and they come also in a taller version.These shapes are called Karina and you have to pay 100 L$ to get them.
Then I put on my super leather jacket, which I found at the Designer Circle for 99 L$. This jacket is by Pure Perfection and they also have matching snake skin leggings for 99 L$. Perfect for my shopping spree!
And what did I find while shopping? Well I found these very cute dresses by GraffitiWear at the Designer Circle. They come in 3 great colours and they are just perfect for spring! Can't wait to wear them! Each dress is 99 L$
Over to the New Beginnings Hunt. Like I said above you are looking for a green light bulb in this hunt and if you can locate it at Sin Original, this great outfit below will be yours! The link to the next store is not in all hunt objects so you really need that HINT & LINK page to find the next store.