Sunday, January 5, 2014

Skins, skins, skins and one dress

Morning Readers,
Not a very promising title, skins and one dress? Hmmm...just wait and see!
The Designer Circle has it's 70th round till January 11th, and they offer some awesome designs all for 100 L$ or less. And what do they offer this time? Well you could go for this awesome dress by Vivid. The dress is called Vivacity dress and it comes with a colour and texture change HUD. You can change the colour of the dress into black, silver or white. But you can also change the colour of the studs into ...well..... into a lot of other colours! I had so much fun playing around with it, so I am showing you a few of the many options. The dress is 1oo L$.
That was the one dress on my blog here come the skins :)
7 Deadly S[k]ins has this awesome skin on offer at the Designer Circle. It is called Kiera and it is yours for 99 L$.
I am wearing this lovely Kiera skin with my own shape but also with the lovely shape Anna shapes has on offer at the Designer Circle for just 80 L$. The shape is called Anahi.
And guess what? WoW skins has TWO great skins on offer at the Designer Circle. Each one is 99 L$ and the first one is called Megan and it comes in tan, the other one is called Rayne and it also comes in tan. Each just 99 L$.
Over to the newest group gift by WoW skins. I was so lucky I got a sneak preview of this skin and I just couldn't wait for it to come out! The skin is called Aileen, and it is almost see through, like expensive Chinese porcelain. The enrolment fee is 300 L$ but you get all previous group gifts too (in a box next to the newest group gift).
Now if you joined the WoW skins group, you also have the right to click their Midnight Mania boards or just click one of their TEN lucky boards with skins, eyes, make up and sometimes even an outfit or a complete avatar! The gifts change very often so by the time you get there, there might be other gifts than the ones I am showing you below!
My friend Jara told me to get the newest group gift at Al Vulo somewhere in December. But the group giver didn't I forgot, shame on me. But finally I got around to getting it...and WOW I should have gone there earlier because it is an awesome group gift. The name is Ewa...I love it.
Another group gift are the lovely skins at Modish. You get two great skins called Jewel, also a shape is included and 2 pairs of great bauble earrings in silver or gold.