Monday, January 27, 2014

Nails, hair, shoes a skin & shape and a warm winter sweater

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog you will find some more awesome nails, new released hair, free shoes and boots and a great sweater.
Curious? Well keep reading!
Let me start with the free nail enhancer League has. It goes great with the League skins, but I used it with my WoW skin (Donna tan, cleavage option, make up #2) and that worked well too! You get 24 French manecure tones, ranging from very light to dark. For me it took a bit of time for the colours to rez.
You need the SLINK nail enhancer to wear these nails (this goes for ALL nails on my blog). The enhancer without hands is 150 L$, the fat pack of Slink hands is 2250 L$.
Then I found these elegant nails by DiAna on Marketplace. They are called Hammered and they will set you back 1 L$.
Allusions has released some awesome nails too. You get a fat pack of their Frost nails with 30 colours for just 75 L$ and believe me: you won't need any other nails as there are so many colours included! The first set is with grey tips, the lower set is with dark tips. I have blogged the white and light tipped nails before, you can see them HERE.
Over to ther lovely warm winter sweater NS design has for just 100 L$. You get a HUD with this sweater which changes the texture and colour but is also changed the metal colour. I am wearing a pair of Hippo jeans with these sweaters, which are free on Marketplace.
The lovely hair I am wearing with this sweater is by Tameless and it is a new release. The hair is called Sienna and like all hair by Tameless it comes in 3 versions: naturals, fades and fantasy. Naturals with all 20 natural colours, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colours, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colours.  Each colour pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colours are $499L. Showing you  some options of the naturals version of the Sienna hair.
The next hair is also by Tameless and it is also a new release. The hair is called Kareena. Showing you some options of the fades version.
And this hair by Tameless is called Coletta and I am showing you some options of the Fantasy version.
The last one by Tameless is called Yanira. It comes with an add on to make the hair longer. I am showing you some options of the naturals version.
Over to Marketplace. I found some really great hait there too and it is all free. I went to Edelstore and they have many hair styles for free on Marketplace. I especially love this Leia hair. You get a lovely updo and you get one with Pearls too. There is an extra hair accesoire included, which is a lovely lace frill. Leia is colour change in edit, so you can adjust it to your liking. I am showing you a few options I made in edit too.
Then I found Fedra, a cute short hair version. This hair is not colour change, but it is just too cute to miss out on.
And this beautiful wild hair is called Ascha. You can't change it in edit, but it is just lovely free hair.
I also found a skin & shape by (RED) Sand and this skin & shape are called Fall 2012. The skin & shape are free, but it looks not really like the picture on Marketplace. Judge for yourself, for a free skin & shape it is not bad. The skin & shape are no mod.
OK I promissed you shoes. I blogged these boots before, but they are sooooo  nice ladies, you really should get them. They are by Blackburns and they are called Layered sock boots and you can colour change the socks in any way you like! They are so much fun to play around with anf for 0 L$ you can't go wrong can you?
And these elegant romantic pumps are by Eleganza and they are called Tea pumps.
And these pumps are by Tchu and they are 1 L$. Thery will go great with jeans, but also with your lovely dresses.