Friday, April 20, 2012

With or without you?

This song is playing in my head all day....With or without you? it is a beautiful song...and it is for someone who visits my blog every day.

So while working on the blog I am singing I can't live..with or without you....
And this is what I found for you today.
This lovely hair is called Bonnie and it is a new release by Tameless hair. It is color change with a hud and comes in many colors. New hairstyles will be on SALE for the first week after they are released on the Marketplace and in the shop.  Color packs are only $99L and the mega packs are only $399L.  New Avatars will also be on sale for 299L  So stop by and grab yours while the sale lasts. :)
There is also a complete Bonnie avatar released, with eyes, tattoo, hair, 4 skins and shape. The peorcings, dress and boots are also included.
This next beautiful necklace is a new release by Bens Beauty. It comes in several colors and it is 100 L$.
Bens Beauty also has a new group gift, lovely earrings. I am wearing these earrings with the group gift by Dew, a lovely mesh dress in pink.
Over to some more new releases. These lovely tops, the cute houndtooth booties and the great pumps are new releases by Viviane Fashion. Not free but ohhh do I love these tops !!!

And YAY BRD (Beautiful Dirty Rich) is BACK !!! Their ownder/designer has been away for about 2 months and I am so happy she is back ! She has a lovely gift for everyone at the store !
 BDR also has a new group gift at the store, see below, called Back Home. Cute chucks are included.
And they have a great new release called Punk Princess. WOW....back with a bang! Tattoos and shoes are included. Beautiful Dirty Rich ladies !
Aggresione has these sweet dresses  in a LOT of colors as a new release and they are 99 L$ till April 22nd. So go get them ladies, they are ever so cute and great to wear. And the back is stunning. Not showing you all colors.
The  next outfit is from the Midnight Mania board at PinkMares House. Needs lots of clicks, but it is worth to get all your friends in to get this outfit !
Over to some finds on Marketplace. This very sexy outfit is by Seven and it is 1 L$. You can wear it in 3 different ways. The hair is from the lucky boards at D!va.
The next set, a short and cute tops, is by Orsini. You get all these great tops and the short for just 1 L$.
This set is by Chika Boom. I am wearing another hairstyle from the lucky boards at D!va with this jeans and top outfit. The Chika Boom outfit is totally free and includes the cute shoes. It looks a bit 60th don't you think?
And this cute dress is very 60th. It is by AV Creations and it is a fun Rockabilly polka dot dress. 1 L$ for this dress ladies.
This shirt dress is by Garage and it is called Lola dress. I styled it with the sweet Metallica belly chain by Two Sisters (1 L$ for this belly chain) and the Steam tag necklace by Fall from Grace (10 L$ for this necklace).

I also found some gowns on Marketplace. This first one is by SHAR and it is 2 L$. The name of the gown is Wild Thing. I styled this lovely gown with the jewelry by Kartoon Kids, called Snowflake set.
And this elegant gown is called Golden Cream gown and I styled this gown with Sakura jewelry by Mao Juliesse. 1 L$ for this delicate jewelry set.
Last one for today is a gown that is perfect for role playing. It is called Anne de Noailles gown and it is 1 L$. The fan is included, so are the hat and shoes.