Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost weekend and there is still some shopping to do

OK I am the first to admit that my blog titles really suck at the moment. Sorry for that but I am running out of ideas...and I am really looking forward to the weekend, hence this title. By now I hear you all sigh: come on, stop blabbering and start with the goodies. So here goes :)
Let me start with the great 13.000 member gift Purple Moon send out to all their members! Congratulations Purple moon and thank you so much! It is a great jewelry set :)
Then I went to Aleida and they have opened their new store and they have wonderful gifts for their group members at the store. One for guys and one for gals. Thank you Aleida and good luck in your new store !

These next outfits are group gifts by Gizza. The elegant purple dress is the newest group gift, the striped one and the colorful one are from last year (but still available). There are many more group gifts at the store.

I have some hair left from the Crazy Hair hunt in my inventory and I really want to show it to you. What you are looking for is the item below. The HINT PAGE is very helpful !
This hair is #52 in the hunt and you can get it at L&N Signature Designs if you can find the hunt item at their store. Lovely hair with beautiful butterflies.
I went to the next shop, which is Le Cactus and oh my you get some REALLY crazy hair there! I had trouble taking a good picture of it! So hop over and start looking for the hunt item if you want this hair ! #53 in the hunt.
#54 is Alpha Point and they have something special hidden inside the hunt item of the Crazy Hair Hunt. You not only get hair, you also get a special outfit, cage like, if you find the hunt item at the store (the top and panties I am wearing under the cage are not included).
Zibska is also particpating in this hunt as #55. They have this grass hair with 3 blackbirds as a gift in the Crazy Hair hunt. The only thing you have to do is find the hunt item.
#56 is MSM Design and at this store you will not find the hunt item. You have to look for a free present to get the hair from the Crazy Hair hunt and the next landmark ! The hair they have as a gift is great if you want to get married and you want to hint your partner about that!
Weather or not is #57 in this hunt. They have ermmm...what shall I call it? Squid hair? It is it fits perfect in this hunt ! You get a shiny and a not shiny version.
Over to Facepalms Design, which is #58 in the Crazy Hair hunt. If you find the hunt item at Facepalm Design you get lovely hair in a lot of colors. I am showing you just 3 options but there are many more. I love the red mushrooms and the leaves :)
Rosy Mood has a way different hairstyle hidden inside their hunt item. This hair is more like a plant and in offices and over here it is called office grass as it survives weekends or even weeks without water...#59 in this hunt.
This cute hair is by Raven's Heart and it is #60 in the Crazy Hair hunt. Great hair with leaves, birds and flowers :) Just find the hunt item at the store and it is yours to wear!
The next hair is by Ayashi and you get shaved-on-one-side hair hidden inside the hunt item. Ayashi is #61 in the hunt.
#62 is Amulet and this hair just made me smile. I love those blue flowers and they look even more blue when you wear the eyes that come with the hair. Perfect with a blue gown...looks amazing, believe me.

Over to By Snow, which is #63 in the hunt. You get hair in 3 colors and please don't make me explain what the things on top of this hair are....


The next shop is #64, which is T&S Glamour designs. They have this hughe hair with flowers and leaves hidden inside the hunt item. They also have a list with all the landmarks of the participants in the Crazy Hair Hunt inside their hunt gift.
Another shop that is participating in the Crazy Hair hunt is Orage Creations. They have lovely purple hair with butterflies on top as a gift in this hunt.

Red Mint is #66 in the Crazy Hair hunt and I am almost done with the Crazy hair :) They have this elegant dandelion hair hidden in the hunt item and one is just plain hair with dandelions, but the other spreads the dandelion seeds all over your place :)

Last one in the Crazy Hair hunt is #67: Gilded. You get this crazy sort of sea weed hair if you find this last item from the hunt. My deep compliments to the organiser and the designers, a great hunt to do with many fun and high quality prices ;)
I found this great freebie hair at Curious Kitties while I was doing the Crazy Hair hunt, so while you are there just grab it if you like it.