Friday, April 13, 2012

Jewelry and orange gowns.

On April 30th we have our Queens day in the Netherlands. It is actually the birthday of our (deceased) queens mother and we celebrate that day by wearing orange. Why orange? Because our Royal house is the House of Orange (Orange being a region in France). Hence the color.
Sascha Frangilli from Sascha's Design is Dutch and she put up no less that EIGHT lovely orange gowns for just 99 L$ each ! I am showing you just 3, you have to go to the store to see the rest. They are all amazing.
With these gowns I am wearing the lovely jewelry by Lazuri. It is the Queen of Hearts necklace and earrings and they are color change by touch. The whole set is 300 L$, necklace 200 L$ and earrings 100 L$. But they are so beautiful and you can match then to every outfit you have, so worth every linden :)

These next lovely bracelets are a gits at Lazuri and there is also a midnight mania board which I blogged before. So get your friends over to click to get a lovely purple amethist necklace and earrings set !
Then I went to M's Avon and they have so many lovely group gifts. I blogged them before, but this time I got this elegant jewelry set from the owner/designer Michiko Avon as a thank you for blogging them. The lower set is free at the store.

The next outfits are by Cilian'gel. They are participating in the Wear Grey for a Day charity hunt. The participating stores are raising funds for the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) from 6th to 22nd April 2012. For this event thare are many prices hidden all over the market. These are the ones by Cilian'gel (male and female) and each one is 10 L$. You are looking for a brain.

Beside the charity Hunt, you will find in each stores present on the Wear Gray Market special Wear Gray Vendors in which items have been donated to the charity event. By buying those items you are helping fund raising for this cause. ALL MONEY FROM THE WEAR GRAY VENDORS GOES TO THE CHARITY EVENT.
Cilian'gel has put up these 3 lovely outfits. The first one is 129 L$.

This next one is 229 L$.
This last one is 329 L$.
I got some great shoes too. These green ones are the group gift by ChOoOz and the group is free to join. Don't forget to click the Midnight Mania board ladies for another pair of great free shoes.
And these shoes are a gift by Purrfect10. If you are wondering why I am not blogging Purrfect10 shoes anymore: they don't need that anymore. But these are free and I am still putting them on my blog. For members of the free group: you get a 30 % discount on your purchases.
These shoes and the outfit and the umbrella are a gift in the Poppin Penguin hunt. You have to look for a penguin and if you find it at Camilla this set is yours.
Then I did a bit of hunting. This time The Runway Perfect Hunt. You have to look for a ticket which looks like this:

And then you have to find it at the participating stores and you get the most fabulous gifts if you do.
Like this lovely gown which is the hunt gift at VeroModero.
There is a HINT page too.

Or you can hop over to Shiki and get this fun dress :) All you have to do is find the ticket ladies.
The next dress is the hunt gift in TRPH by Egoisme and I think it is actually for guys...but it looks pretty good on me too :)