Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It is wednesday and the sun is shining...

..and I am sitting behind my playing...working on my bog.
So what did I do in SL ..I went to Truth and got their lovely subscribo hair gift ! WOW you get a complete fatpack with all hairtones ! I opened the red pack and I am showing you 3 of the tones inside below. I am wearing the lovely ~BC~skins & shapes group gift skin with this hair (blogged yesterday).

Then I went to the Mona Lisa Sim and they have loads of freebies and midnight mania boards shattered all over the sim. Let me show you what I got there !
These first items are the group gifts in the Mona Lisa store. Joining the group is free.

The next gown is the gift in the gift Vaxer has in its store at the Mona Lisa sim.
And this gift is from Arisaris Rig, a lovely gold cardigan, also at the Mona Lisa Sim.
While you are walking around do not forget to click all those midnight mania boards ladies ! I walked over to Sweet Temptations and I found this elegant pants and top set there. The cute booties and bag are included !
Last one from the Mona Lisa Sim is the group gift I found at Trendstyle. Even though I wasn't in the group I still could buy it for just 1 L$.
Adoness has a lovely hunt going on at the moment. It is a shop hunt and you only have to find 8 items, each for 1 L$. Every hunt item contains a part of this lovely outfit, ranging from elegant nails, to shoes, to a great hairstyle and a dress. Fun to do and you get an amazing outfit. You have to look for Blue glowing butterfly pendants.

B!asta is taking part in a lot of hunts this month. One of them is the Black Widow hunt in which hunt you have to find a skull with a spider on it. You have to buy this present for 1 L$, and you will get this great dress.
Another hunt at B!asta is the Depraved Spring Madness hunt. You have to find a round black box with a green leaf on top to get this lovely price. And not only a female dress is inside, there is also a male sweater ...
The last hunt at B!asta is the Evil Bunny hunt and you have to find an easter egg to get this lovely pink bunny outfit.
Over to Eyelure. They have some great new lipsticks and eye make up sets at their Marketplace store. You get 7 full make up sets for just 69 L$. The name of the set is Mixties.
Last but most certain not least are the lovely new released skins by Sugar. The skins are called Fireball and tehy come in 4 lovely skin tones. You get parted lips options and loads of make up options and even freckles, wich makes me very happy. NEW RELEASE so not free ladies.