Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hidden desires

Today just hidden desires...thing you want to get, you want to wear, you want to find. Like these lovely sandals by ChOoOz...they are from their Midnight Mania board and you get gold and silver ones !

Or like this mysterious mask, which is on offer at the Designer Circle. All items designers put in the Designer Circle shop are 100 L$ or less...and these ones are by Headturners! They also have this cute lipstick in leopard print.

Or you really want one of these cute dresses which are by Hidden Desires :) They are all free in one pack. The cute hair is from the lucky boards at D!va and you get 2 styles !

Another hidden desire are these lovely skins, which are a new release at Dulce Secrets. The top one is called Lyric Skin, the lower one is called Mimosa skin. Both are NEW so not free.

This next skin is by Modish and it is the Modish item at the Flawless Spring Sale. It is only 50 L$ so hurry to get it ladies ! And take a look around for other bargains!
Over to the next hidden desire: lovely jewelry! This beautiful set is the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions ! It is lovely !
And I bought their group offer, perfect pearl jewelry ...for group members just 170 L$ per set! At Virtual Impressions ladies. Available in many lovely colors.
Then I went to Purple Rose and they have a lot of free gifts at their store! Look below what I got !

Then I did a bit of hunting, another not so hidden desire ...I did the hunting in the Runway Perfect Hunt (TRPH). You have to look for this tocket to get the gifts from the participating stores. And here is the HINT PAGE.

I went to Finesmith and found their Runway tiicket...and this necklace was inside ! There is also a male version inside the ticket !
And this skin is another  gift in the Runway Perfect hunt, this time at Lanevo. You get this skin...which is not really Runway Perfect...
Then I went to Nana Saenz and they have this beautiful white gown hidden inside their ticket from the Runway Perfect hunt ! Dare to is lovely!

HAPPY SHOPPING  LADIES !!! (more hunting tomorrow)