Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Designer Circle, Who's that Girl hunt and some more goodies...

I blogged the Designer Circle yesterday so I am not going to repeat what it is. Just that you can get great designer stuff there for 100 L$ or less !
Like these 2 cute dresses by Mushi Doll. The black one is called Black dream and the white one is called Jane White. Each one is just 95 L$ at the Designer Circle.

And Abia Capalini also is one of the designers that put up 2 lovely gowns at the Designer Circle. They are called Isabelle and they are just 75 L$ each !

These lovely shoes would go GREAT with the pink gown above. They are the hunt gift by {Polished} in the Who's that girl hunt. You have to find the letters WTG at the store to get these great shoes ! Don't forget to click the Midnight Mania board and take a peek at the lucky chair for more goodies.
And you can find another pair of shoes in the Who's that Girl hunt at Glow Designs ! Just find the WTG letters at the store !
Or if you would like to get some cute hair to go with your outfits you can hop over to Hair art and find the WTG letters there !
Another shop that is participating in the WTGH is T&G Design. They have hidden this sexy dress inside their WTG letters !
Gitchee gives you this lovely jewelry set if you find the WTG letters at the store.
This outfit is by Natrural Expressions and it is again a gift in the Who's that Girl hunt. So hop over and find those letters ladies and it is yours to wear !
I am wearing the cute booties by ChoOoz with this outfit and they are from their Midnight Mania Board.
I went to BabyMonkey and WOW Pixie has outdone herself ! She has made 2 great MESH outfits as a group gift and they are sooo elegant ! I am wearing the boots I got from one of the BabyMonkey lucky boards with the short Lucie dress, the boots are called Maddison. The poses I am using are the newest free gift for subscribo members by Diesel Works.
The next boots are also a lucky chair item and they are by BoS, called High Plain boots.
And these boots are by West Coast Influence and they are 1 L$ at their store.
This cute dress is a gift from the Midnight Mania board at Grim Bros. They also have many mini mania boards and WOW I got one of the mini mania prices...a lovely necklace !! Poses are a free subscribo gift by Diesel Works.

NebuchadNezzar also has a midnight Mania board and if it closes you get this cute top.
Last one for today was a tip from my friend Sue Trallis. She gave me a TP to QQ Fashion and on the lucky chair was an R! YAY ! I got this lovely gown in a beautiful purple shade. Poses by Diesel Works.
QQ Fashion also has a midnight mania board and if you get enough clicks you will get this great cocktail dress! Thank you so much Sue !!
One more? OK the monthly group gift my Baiastice...great MESH sunglasses ....(and I am wearing the Tameless Elisabeth (not free) hair with these glasses).