Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter :)

First I want to wish all my readers a VERY HAPPY EASTER!!
Please click HERE to see my Easter wish for you.
And now let me start with something really elegant for Easter, the newest group gift by Lazuri. It is a beautiful set in lavender. Really a beautiful gift!
I am wearing the beautiful updo called Adalia with this set, it is by Calico Ingmann Creations (200 L$ per color pack).
Lazuri also has a Midnight Mania board and they have this lovely set in small and large insid ethe board. So get your friends over to click ladies and don't forget to look at the freebies on the other side of the wall where the Midnight Mania board is.
I went to Viviane Fashion and they have this cute bunny outfit send out as a group gift this week. You can also buy it for just 99 L$ at the store.
This cute hair is the newest release by Chichickie and it is called Kiele. Lovely long flowing hair...and it comes in many colors! Subscribo members get one color for free (so go subscribe!!) and the fatpack is for THREE DAYS ONLY 95 L$!!! Ends 4/9 at 11:59 SLT. I am showing you my subscribo gift and the Kiele hair in my favorite color :)
Chichickie also has a very cute 10 L$ item at the store...this cute bunny hat :)
And this lovely hair is called Nettie and it is the newest release by Tameless hair ! The hair is color change and the hair band is also color change. Comes in many lovely colors (just showing a few) and it is NOT free as it is a new release.
The next dress is actually a St. Pat dress, but I forgot to blog it...anyway green is a perfect color to wear in spring too:) This dress is the group gift by VeroModero.
Eyelure has some great new make up on their Marketplace store. So if you like a new style every once in a while why not take a look at the Eyelure Marketplace store? 59 L$ for this set of 4 make up styles.
Earth Bangles and other creations is participating in the Fist pump with the best hunt (FPWTB) and they have these 2 lovely gift in this hunt ! WOW I love those earrings ladies, and if you like them too: go hunting !!! There is a HINT page here.

Another pair of GREAT earrings are these creoles. I never had jewelry named after me and I feel sooo honored that Jara, designer owner from Aidoru has named these lovely earrings VOSJE !! Thank you so much Jara :)
They are not free...but hey...who doesn't want earrings with my name? Get them at Aidoru ladies.
Aidoru also has this cute Pince Nez for just 10 L$ at the store ! Don't miss it, it makes you look soo intelligent :)
Over to some more Hair hunting. You have to look in the Crazy Hair Hunt for this item:
And if you find it at Barlow you get this crazy hair with the lovely butterflies ! Barlow is #21 in this hunt and you can find a HINT PAGE if you click the link.
#22 in this hunt is In Peixe and they have 2 great gifts hidden inside the hunt item from the Crazy Hair hunt. This is the first one, lovely hair with branches :)
And this is the next gift at In Peixe, sweet hair with blue rose petals and a blue rose at the back (you can't see it on my pic).
The next shop in this hunt, #23 is Gumi's Flower shop and they have this owls nest with 3 lovely owls hidden inside their hunt item. It is a great hairdo...
Over to #24, which is Alli &Ali, one of my fav hairshops. They have hidden the hunt item well but the hint page is very helpful! And if you find the hunt item at Allli & Ali you will get this cute grass hair :)
Skinthesis has long flowing Ivy hair as a gift in the Crazy Hair hunt ! Skinthesis is #25 in this hunt.
The next shop is Vaughans House and they have a lovely tree with flowers to wear on your head...#26 in the Crazy Hair hunt.
#27 is Iren and wow I love this hair. Two great parrots on it and they move whenever you move your head. They have to keep balanced, so it is quite fun to wear this cute hair.
Last one for today is La Boheme & Nevermore. You get no less than 4 hair tones with lovely roses...though the thorns might hurt a bit when wearing this hair !! #28 is La Boheme & Nevermore.