Monday, April 2, 2012

Designer Circle, hair ...oh yes and clothing too.

The Designer Circle has changed their offers again and it is really worth to take a look at the shop. A lot of very good designers offer one or more of their designes for 100 L$ or less. 100 L$ is the max.
I am giving you the link to the Designer Circle but also to the designers shop so you can take a look at their other designs too.
One of the participating designers is Vincenca Rosca. They have a great necklace and earrings set at the Designer Circle and it is called Sound of heaven. You get a hud too and withthat hud you can change every part of the set, stones, metal, and all other little parts. I have been playing around with it as you can see below.
Vincenca Rosca also has 2 great lucky charm bracelets at the Designer Circle. They also come with the hud to change every little part so you can adjust the jewelry to your liking.

Smexy also is one of de designers that offer an item at the Designer Circle. They have three lovely designs at the Designer Circle. The top one is called JD necklace Cool blue. The middle one is called JD necklace round and the bottom one is called Flower.

Mayden Couture has a GREAT Mesh dress at the Designer circle. It is so sexy ladies, a real must have for this season! And remember: all items at the Designer Circle are 100 L$ or less !
Another shop that has great jewelry is Addiction and they have 2 great new releases. The top picture shows the Medaillon drop set and the picture below shows the precious pearl cross in a longer and a shorter version.
I am wearing the cute Elisabeth hair by Tameless. (not free)

Tameless has also a new release and as we all know the hair by Tameless is sooo cute. It is color change with a hud, you can change the hair and the streaks. The newest release is called Devinity and it is a lovely short bob. (not free)
I got some more hair...this next one is by the U-neek. I was there doing the Crazy Hair Hunt, but I also clicked their Midninght mania board. And this hair was the Midnight Mania price !
Alli & Ali have changed their group and voting gifts at their MAINSTORE and they also have put some great new free hair in their Marketplace store.
Here are the new voting and group gifts.

And these hairstyles are free at the Alli & Ali Marketplace store. The offers are just for a short while so you have to be fast to get them!
This one is called Carlina.

This one is called Florinda.

This one is called Wilma.

Eyelure also has a marketplace shop and they have the most beautiful make-up for sale. I LOVE the bunny make up ! Perfect for Easter and you can wear just the bunny, just the make up or both ! 49 L$ for this fun Bunny Face make up.
And this make up by Eyelure is called Gala full face and you get 4 different layers. 69 L$ for all 4 layers.