Friday, April 6, 2012

Some more Designer Circle, some more hunting...

The Designer Circle is a shop where a lot of great designers put one or more of their designs up for 100 L$ or less. The items change roughly every 2 weeks ! It is a great way to get some great design really cheap.
One of the designers that is participating in this Designer Circle is Calico Ingmann Creations (CiC). They have 2 great hairstyles in a lot of colors there. This one is called Maggie. The hair is color change with a hud. I had sooo much fun with the hair changing !
And this one is called Jillian. The Jillian hair is also color change with a hud.

CiC also has a cute dollarbie (1 L$) at theDesigner Circle, called Lesley. You get sooo many colors just for 1 L$.
I went to the CiC store, and I was so lucky to get this cute hair from one of their two lucky chairs ! The letters change fast ladies, so much change you get lucky too. The hair is called Tanya and you get ii in dirty blonde with many different colored tips.
I got this GREAT new updo at CiC. The hair is called Adalia and it is 200 L$ for one color pack. Ofcourse I got the RED pack :)
The next designer from the Designer Circle is Kennedy's. They have a fatpack of 3 pairs of pants at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ and some really cute glitter shoes for just 50 L$ !

E-Clipse is also taking part in the Designer Circle and they have this elegant bag just for 99 L$ at the Designer Circle.
GraffitiWear has some really cute dresses at the Designer Circle ! The cute black dress is 95 L$, the pink one just 50 L$. The shoes are included!

Over to a very lovely new release by Seldom Blue. I simply love their lingerie, it is sexy and elegant and so nice to wear ! This new release is called Aphrodisia Corset and it comes in 5 lovely colors. The CARAMEL version is marked down to 175 L$ for the time being !

If that is too much for you, Seldom Blue also has a very lovely dollarbie set for just 1 L$. Don'forget to take a look at the lucky chairs at the store!
And now some more hunting. I am still doing the Crazy Hair hunt ladies. You can find a HINT page HERE, which is a great help.
You have to look for this:
And if you find this hunt item at the participating stores you get some really CRAZY hairdo's ! I was amazed by the creations of the designers! Like this one, which I found at ChiChickie! WOW I love that Lion hair :) Chickickie is #11 in the hunt.
#13 in this hunt is The Stinger Mausoleum and they have some really CRAZY hair hidden inside the hunt item...
Then I went to Nushru and they have a summer and a winter hair hidden inside their hunt item !
#15 in this hunt is Discord Designs and they have 2 hunt items hidden inside their store. If you find both Discord Designs items you will have these 2 great hairdo's with the lovely flower :)

The next one is #16 in the Crazy Hair hunt, which is EMO-tions. You get this hair with the cute squirrel. It is so cute! But the squirrel can get rather annoying nibbling at the nuts on your head!
#17 is Bliensen & MaiTai. They have hidden their hunt item well, you really need the hint page to find most of the items. It is very helpful to have some hints! But if yu find the Bliensen & MaiTai hunt item this hair is yours ! It is rather spooky hair ...something lives in there...
Over to Rue, they are also participating in the Crazy Hair hunt. Go hunting there ladies and this rather fishy hair is yours to wear ! #18 in this hunt.
Then I went to Hate This and they are #19 in the Crazy Hair hunt ! I love the sheep on the hair and the matching sheep earrings! They are included inthe gift.
Last one for today is Evies Closet. They are #20 in the Crazy Hair hunt and they are giving away this lovely hair IF you find the hunt item at their store !!!
There is an option to add the orange butterfly.