Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's all about your hair...

Today just hair ladies, because I found quite a lot of hair in SL. Bliss Couture has a lovely MESH hairdo as a gift for their group members. It is sweet long black hair and you need a Mesh viewer to see it.
Alli& Ali hair have changed their group and voting gifts and you can find them at their MAINSTORE. There is also an action wall with hair and group members get a 50 % discount on this hair !

Alli & Ali also have some great free hair in their Marketplace store. I am showing you just a few and the free offer is for a limited time, so you have to be fast to get it.
This hair is called ALMA.

This hair is called April.
This hair is called Samira.
Analog Dog has 2 balls with free hair at their beach. If you land at the landing point, fly up and look where you can see the beach. Fly over and find the balls.
This hair is inside!
You can wear this hair with or without extensions.

The hair band is color and texture change.

D!va has 3 lucky boards at the store and I was so lucky to get all 3 hairstyles from their lucky boards !

This next hair is a hunt gift in the Runway Perfect Hunt. You have to find an entrance ticket at the participating stores and if you find it you will find a lovely gift inside. Like this colorful hair by Vanity Hair !

And this hair is the hunt gift in the Runway Perfect hunt by Dura !
Find the ticket at the Dura store and it is yours !