Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hunts, group gifts and left overs.

Oh Shoot and Earth Bangles & Other creations are having a mini hunt the next 48 hours. You have to look for pink bottles and there are 5 hidden in each store! It is not to hard to find them so a perfect hunt even if you are not a very experienced hunter ! And they have some really cute prices !
I am showing you some of the gifts you can find (not all).

Then {Polished} send out these very cute bunny ears as a group gift ! I know Easter is over, but they still are very very cute! Thanks Star :)
Another group gift ...ah well I blogged the group gift by ~BC~shapes and skins yesterday and as soon as I published the blog they changed the group gift to the APRIL group gift. Which is this lovely skin with or without teeth option !
Another group gift is this lovely gown by The White Armory. It is a sumply great gown ! It is quite difficult to join the group, but it is worth it !
This is the group gift by M's Avon. They send out a pair of shoes as a group gift and then send out this lovely jewelry set as a replacement, as the shoes didn't meet their standards.
Over to the Crazy Hair Hunt. I showed you a lot of their gifts before and here are some more! You have to look for this hunt item below and there is a HINT PAGE where you can get hints. I will put the numbers of the shops with the items so you can find them on the page.
This cute hair is hidden inside the hunt item at W.Winx. You get 4 hairtones and I love those little birdies ! #37 in this hunt.
#38 is Yassyns and they give you this elegant lovely hair with the butterflies. Goes great with every gown ! You only have to find the hunt item to get this hair !
The next stop was #39,  Iron Tiger Jewelry. They have Breakfast at Jurrasic Park as a gift for you and if you enlarge the pic you can see what they had for breakfast !
Over to Censored which is #40 in this hunt. They have very cute piggy hair and a piggy nose hidden in the hunt item. Ther hint page is very helpful ladies !
The next shop is Calico Ingmann Creations and they give you this lovely hair with the leaves on top. The nerves and leaves are color change with a hud. So you can create lots and lots of different colored creations! Just showing you a few options. #41 in this hunt.
#42 is Battle Angel and I didn't find the hair there so I can'ty show it. But I can show #43, which is BINGO. It is a lovely flower updo and I love the sweet color. Just find the hunt item at the store and it is yours !!
#44 DroptheAnchor and #45 Tribe I didn't find, so I ended up at IMsCapped, which is #46 in this hunt. They have some really crazy hair as a gift and a moustache too !!! You can wear it with or without the moustache.
Really fun hair :)
#47 is Morgan Batista Poses and yay we have a care bear ! You will not only get the care bear hat if you find the hunt item, you also will get the hat with HAIR !!
Helter Skelter is the next shop and #48 in this hunt. They have this mohawk hair with the lovely flowers and a humming bird for you if you can find the hunt item from the Crazy Hair hunt !
Then the hunt lead me to #49, which is The Strand. Here you get some crazy hair in lots of hair tones ! I am showing you just a few.

#50 is Nightshade Design and I didn't find the hair there, so I will end this blog with #51, which can be found at Entropy Design.
You get some really dark hair there...with raven in the trees...and you can add a lightning option too ! Scary !!!