Sunday, August 3, 2014

Where to find incredible freebies

Good Morning Readers!
Incredible freebies are hard to find. And finding new ones each day is even harder. However events like the Aloha Fair 2014 help a lot to find great freebies or dollarbies. And as my blog also is about cheapies: 60 L$ offers are also a great way to get great design for a low price!
So today on my blog some free stuff, some dollarbies and 60 L$ offers by SLC.
Let me start with the 60 L$ offers by SLC. This week you can get a lovely mesh bandana summer top for 60 L$ or a pair of cute summer shorts, also for 60 L$. Both, top and shorts, come in a lot of colours, so the hardest thing will be to chose your favorite amongst them. But for 60 L$ you can afford all you like!
I am showing you a few options below.
The lovely skin I am wearing is by WOW skins, and it is called Lea Dark tan, make up option #2. You can find it at the Black Dot Event till August 13th.
The lovely hair is Cecelia by Tameless and this hair is a new release. 249 L$ for a fat pack with 30 colours.
Then I went to the Alhoa Fair 2014 as you all know by now. In the participating shops you can find surf boards (NOT hidden, in plain sight) which you can buy for either 0, 1 or more L$. I only got the free ones and the 1 L$ here goes.
This first outfit is from several surf boards ladies. Let me start with the capri jeans by BAD. You can buy their surf board for 1 L$ and in return they will give you a fat pack of solid coloured capris and a fat pack with 4 camo coloured capris. The top is by Envy Me and it is a spiked brasier. For just 1 L$ it is yours! The cute beach tote bag is hidden inside the surf board at DEW. And agian this bag is 1 L$. Then I found the cute hat which is called Flappy Beach hat. It is hidden inside the surf board at Infinity and it is yours for 1 L$. Then I needed some shoes and I found them inside the surf board at [NN]. The shoes are called Luana and they are for SLINK HIGH feet. But then again: these shoes are just 1 L$ if you buy the surf board!
Below the BAD capri's The shoes are by Gaall and you can biy their surf board for 1 L$. The top is by Sascha's Designs and it is called Milou. 199 L$ for a pack 0f 3 tops in a long and a short version.
The next outfit is hidden inside the surf board at Gypsy Chic. You will have to pay 1 L$ for this outfit ladies! The cute bags are by BDS designs. They are a group gift (no group needed) and they are free. You get a black and a pink one. However from a certain distance the bags didn't rez right for me as you can see on the pictures.
On those long summer evenings you want to go out in style. A dress that will do you justice is hidden inside the surf board by ArisAris.  Can you believe you will get this gown for just 1 L$? Just buy that surf board! And matching shoes are also 1 L$. They are for SLINK HIGH feet and they are found inside the surf board at SNOB.
My last find for today is for those late summer evenings with your lover....these crotchless panties are hidden inside the surf board at Barely Legal. They are free (shirt NOT included). The lovely necklace is by  Candy Nail and it is also free.