Thursday, August 28, 2014

Connect the dots

Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog some more gifts I found in the Do the Dots hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st so just a few days left to go hunting!
There is a helpful HINT & LINK page available and on this page are also pictures of the hunt gifts. Every gift is free and you are looking for a white ball with black dots in this hunt.
Let me show you what I found.
I landed at #41 D.O.R.K. and inside their hunt ball is a lovely gift. You get this sweet dotted dress in no less than 8 colours if you can locate the hunt ball at their store.
Then I went to #24 Baci Village. The hunt ball is not too hard to find ladies, just look at the hints, they are very helpful. If you can find the ball with the black dots at this store, this cute outfit including the shoes is yours.
Another participant in this hunt is #37 Get Frocked. They have this sweet dotted dress as a gift in this hunt. You only have to find that ball to get it.
The next outfit is the hunt gift from #42 Dejaa Vu. I just love the simple elegance of this beautiful dress.
The shoes are the hunt gift by #12 Lindy shoes. Just go find those balls ladies!
To wear with your new dresses you can decide to find this great hair do by #32 Alli & Ali hair. You get a huge fat pack with all hair tones shown and the bow is colour change.
I also found the hunt gift at #6 Sky. But they are participating in 2 other hunts too. So if you are at SKY and you can find an exclamation mark in red, you will get the gift from the BLBH2 hunt. Which is this lovely elegant purple dress!
And if you can find warm socks at SKY, this great set of pants & top is yours. Look for the red set of socks. My personal hint: LOOK UP!
Then I also found the hunt ball at Sin Original. But they do have a Midnight Mania board which I clicked. And I received this cute summer set, skimpy shorts and a top.