Friday, August 29, 2014

Nails, shoes and outfits

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog a lot of nails. And some shoes. And some outfits. For the outfits you have to go hunting. For the shoes you have to join a group (joining is free) and for the nails you have to hunt...or join a group....or buy them.
Anyway...keep reading if you are curious :)
Let me start with the outfits. They are all gifts in the Do the Dot hunt. By now I think you already know you are looking for a white ball with black dots in this hunt (and all gifts are free). And you also know there is a HINT & LINK page which also holds pictures of the gifts. And the hunt runs till August 31st. So knowing all this, get ready to go hunting fast!
This first outfit is the hunt gift at #38 LC Designs and if you find that hunt ball this cute dotted dress including the booties is yours.
Now if you like more sexy, hop over to #21 Miss Jewell. Find that hunt ball and this sexy little outfit is yours!
The jewellery is the hunt gift by #29 RedRose jewellery.
And if you hop over to #40 SPS to hunt and you can find that hunt ball, these cute bloomers and top are yours! The shoes I am wearing are by #12 Lindy shoes and if you want them, you have to hunt for them!
Over to Hucci. These elegant shoes were send out to their subscribo members. They are for SLINK High feet and there is a HUD included which changes the colour of the soul of the shoes.
Then Nail me send me a note with their newest group gift. Joining their group is 50 L$ to join but let me show you the newest is worth it to join.
You will need SLINK hands (2250 L$ per fat pack) or SLINK nail enhancer (150 L$ works with system hands) to wear these nails.
Nail me is also participating in 2 hunts. The first one is the Pickled Eggs Hunt Anarchy Hunt which runs till September 9th. If you can find the hunt item at their store these nails are yours. The Hint: "I gatcha where I wantcha". And the hunt item is 2 L$.
The other hunt Nail me is participating in is the Paint My Nails Hunt. This hunt starts on September 1st and runs till September 30th. Each hunt item is 5 L$ and the hint is "Look at her, such a Fiesty Firefighter!".
Nail me has 2 new releases at their store, one is called Pixie dust and the other is called Feary wings. Each set is just 50 L$ till the first of September.
Pixie dust:
Faery Wings:
And Nail me also has several cheapies at the store, for example this Sampler set, which is just 1 L$.