Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TONS of skins...for almost nothing

Morning Readers,
Yesterday you saw that lovely Sahra skin by WOW skins on my blog. I just love new skins, especially when they are free or cheap. You all know you can join WOW skins group for 350 L$ and get ALL their previous group gifts at the store? You will get so many skins you won't believe it and all high quality.

Another store that has great skins is 7 Deadly S[k]ins. Joining their group is 200 L$ get a new skin each month. However...till AUGUST 17th ALL previous group gifts by 7 Deadly S[k]ins are out for the grab for group members, so it is totally worth to join right now! You get 17 female skin (look below) and 5 male skins.

SOME of these skins come with freckles. Please be reminded that I am wearing a Freckle Layer by Glamorize ( 5 L$) with ALL skins I am showing.
I found some more skins on Marketplace. The problem with Marketplace is that some skins look awesome there, but in reality they are not nice at all. I found quite a few free ones, I leave it up to you if you like them or you think they are not nice....
Let me start with Lipstick. They have a pack of 4 skins for their loyal customers for free.
And Step Inside has a Promo pack skins for 1 L$. You get 4 skin tones and 3 version of each skin tone.
Another Marketplace store that has a free skin is Panda Punx. Their Myri skin & shape are just 1 L$ and to show you what a shape does to a skin, I am wearing the same skin with my own shape.
Panda Punx also has this Riley skin & shape as their April 2013 group gift on Marketplace. 1 L$ for this skins & shape.
And this skin is by Yako and it is called Kat von D. The skins & shape are free.
Over to Mercury. Their Natalie skin looks much better on their Marketplace picture. But I am just showing you how it looks on my avatar. This skin & shape are free.
And Mercury also has this Katarina skin & shape on Marketplace for free.  You get 4 skin tones.

Over to TSI! They have this lovely Mari Bronze skin on Marketplace for free. The teeth layer is included.
CStar has 2 skins on Marketplace. You can get this Shine skin for free. It comes with an extra make up layer.
Or you can get this Dreamy skin by Cstar for free.
I know some of you don't like regular skins. Well I found a few extraordinary ones for you too. How about this very light skin by Catnip? It is called LoveOtomy and it is free.
And for those who love even more special skins...these DROW skins are by Dhuanonills Designs and they are free. You get 3 versions of this skin.
And Dhuanonills Design also has a green version of these skins for free.