Saturday, August 16, 2014

Time to meet Becky.

Hi Readers,
It is time to meet Becky, the newest skin by WOW skins which is released at District 5. Becky comes in 4 lovely skin tones and each tone has 5 make up versions and a natural version. There are freckle layers included, however I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize (5 L$ on Marketplace). You can also find ALL appliers for Becky at District 5. NOT free, but an extraordinary skin. 
And I am wearing Becky with the free hair you can find at Truth. This Jinx hair is free, well I mean the PASTEL version of this hair is free! You get rooted and non rooted hair. I am showing you just a few possibilities.
The cute flower dress I am wearing withthe Truth hair above is from the Lucky Chairs at SLC. There are 2  chairs and I also got a lovely set of blue lingerie. Thank you so much Ann Krkokus for TPing me :)
Over to some new released hair by Tameless. I already told you Tameless is using new HUDS with the hair, which makes it extremely easy to resize the hair or change the colour. You also can go to the Facebook page of Tameless and to their Flickr page.
This first new hair is called Lana and I am showing you a few options of the NATURAL version. 249 L$ for a fat pack with many colours, including the HUD.
And this hair is called Sybil and I am showing you a few options of the Fades version of this hair below. You can find it at Tameless in all versions (Fantasy, naturals and fades).
My last find are the group gifts I got at Zuri Rayna's store. You can find the most lovely jewellery there, and I went for the group gifts. Joining the group is 199 L$ but you can find 3 great gifts there. First these elegant Moon Earrings.
Or this unisex Pendant.
Or this beautiful set of jewellery called Chantelle's heart, which is 1 L$.