Friday, August 8, 2014

Show off that skin!!

Hi there Readers!
Today a blog filled with skins, skins and more skins. But also with some bikini's to show off that new skin! And with some jewellery to make the skin shine even more!
So let me start with WoW skins. As you all know by now, I just love WoW skins.They are high quality, they are very detailed (even the elbows and knees are detailed) and their skin tones are awesome. WoW skins has a group you can join (350 L$). Group members get a new skin each month, and they also get the opportunity to click the Lucky boards at the store (17 for girls and one for guys) and their Midnight Mania boards (2 at the store). But...if 350 L$ is too much for you...ONE of their Midnight Mania boards is NON GROUP so everyone can come click it! Let me show you what I got at WoW skins.
This lovely AmyLee skin sunkissed is from MM board for NON group members.
The lovely hair I am wearing today is Cecelia by Tameless. Tameless has recently changed their HUDS which come with the hair styles. Now you can easy change the size, the colour, the streaks, the roots. And you can go to the Tameless group, Facebook page, Flickr page by just using the HUD. The hair is NOT free, 249 L$ for a fat pack of 30 colours including the HUD.
And Norah is the gift in the MM board for group members. Viola Tan is an older MM board gift, the gifts change often.
The newest GROUP GIFT is Petals, which you can see below. All previous group gifts are available it is well worth to join!
And below is Jasmin, an example from one of the Lucky board gifts. Again: there are 17 female boards...each with great gifts inside!
Anorther great skin is the August gift by 7 Deadly S[k]ins. The group is 200 L$ to join, but you get a new group gift each month. And this one is a beauty.
Then I went to the Aloha Fair 2014. And found a set of GREAT skins there. The Aloha Fair 2014 runs till August 11th, so there are only a few days left to go pick up the goodies you can find there. Look for Surf Boards at the participating stores, you can buy them for 0 L$, 1 L$ or more....inside you will find awesome gifts! Like the fat pack of skins, including a shape by Poudre. Just buy the surf board at their store and the skins and shape are yours for 1 L$.
Now how to show off that beautiful skin? Well you could hop over to Ashmoot and join their group. Joining is free, and you will get their newest group gift for free ...this great Coll bikini (comes with all appliers).
Or you can hop over to the Designer Circle and get this lovely outfit by Masoom. The bikini is called Adore me and who would not adore you when you are wearing this beauty? The bikini, hat and bangles are 98 L$ and you can chose from 2 colours.
My next find is a group gift by Reign. Reign actually is know for their shoes for SLINK feet, but this time a lovely necklace in 4 colours was send out in the group. Looks awesome on a new skin!
The skin I am wearing here is Rayene by WoW skins, which you can find at the Designer Circle. Rayene comes in 3 skin tones and each one is 99 L$.
The Aloha Fair 2014 has some more goodies you can find, which go great with a new skin. These cute anklets with hibiscus flowers are by Clamberry and they are yours if you buy the surf board you can find at their store. (free).
And my last find for today are these great earrings you can find at the Aloha Fair 2014 in the surf board by Emporium. 1 L$ for this surf board but you get 3 pairs of summer earrings!