Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Facts about blogging.

Hi Readers,
Welcome to my blog today. Wondering what I found today? It is a mix of free stuff and not so free stuff...a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Here are a few facts about blogging: sometimes you find a LOT of skins. Or clothes. Or shoes. Sometimes you can't find anything that has quality. Sometimes it is very hard to describe where I found thge freebies or dollarbies or cheapies. Sometimes I really don't feel like blogging. Sometimes it is so much fun blogging that I have to restrain myself and not put way too much on my blog. And sometimes I just don't know where to start.
Now where to start today?
Hmmm let me start with the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till August 16th, so don't wait too long to hop over and take a look at the bargains there!
I was there and I found this great elegant gown, which is by Coco Sands. The gown is called A night to Remember, and it is just 99 L$. On top of this beautiful gown Coco Sands also offers a new shape called Sequoia. This shape is also 99 L$ at the Designer Circle. I am wearing the shape with the gown.
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is their Hertitage pearl set (NOT free, but the set is colour change, which means you can change the metal, gems and Pearls into many colours).
Another great shape which you can find at the Designer Circle is Lily, which is by Anna shapes. This elegant shape is just 80 L$ at the Designer Circle.
And these cute tie and dye panties are by Static and you can find a fat pack of them at the Designer Circle for just 75 L$.
Over to {B-Dazzled}. They have this very cute dress on offer at the Designer Circle and this dress is 100 L$. A lot of lindens? Not if you know that the dress comes with a HUD that changes the colour into 15 colours, and that changes the buttons into 3 colours!
My next find is by NS. Nani has a lovely set of U ROCK shoes and booties for just 100 L$ at her store. They come with a HUD to change the booties into 12 different textures and the shoes into 4 different colours. They are for SLINK HIGH feet though! This offer is for ONE WEEK only, so you have a few days left to hop over and go get them.
Then I have some really good finds from the Aloha Fair 2014 left in my inventory. This fair runs till August 13th so you still have some days left to hop over and go look for Surf Boards at the particiapting stores. The boards are NOT hidden, it is not a hunt. They are in plain sight. Some are 0 L$ and some 1 L$ and some are more. I just took the free or 1 L$ ones.
If you are using a landmark from my blog, you will land at a landing point. Now how to find the right store? Copy and paste the landmark from my blog into nearby chat. Then right click the landmark on your screen and chose *show on map*. A red Arrow will appear on your screen, pointing at the spot where I found the surf board. You have to walk ot fly there...teleporting will take you to the landing spot again.
Now what did I find there? This lovely skirt is hidden inside the surf board at DeeTalez. It is just 1 L$. The lovely top is by Sascha's Designs and it is called Milou. You get 3 colours for 199 L$. And the lovely necklace is also hidden inside a surf board at the Aloha Fair 2014. This time you have to go to Candy Nail. The necklace is free.
Then I decided to wear this lovely necklace with the fun outfit I found inside the surf board at Yokana. This surf board will set you back 1 L$ but the set is sexy and fun to wear!
I love this necklace so much that I also have been wearing it with the outfit Modas Second has hidden inside their surf board. This elegant beach shirt is 1 L$ and it is really sexy (I had to take pictures in a way my nipples would not show).