Saturday, August 2, 2014

Get a bikini wax and get those nails done!

Hi Readers, good morning, afternoon or evening!
It is summer, so today yuo will find some bikini's on my blog and some lovely nails to wear on your vacation or on a day at the beach!
I found ALL I am showing you today at the Aloha Fair 2014, which runs will August 11th.
There are a lot of great designers participating in this fair and at most of their stores you can find a surf board. The surf boards are NOT hidden, it is not a hunt. They are in plain sight and easy to locate. The price of the surf boards varies, some are free, some are 1 L$ and some are more expensive.
So let me start with the lovely Bikini which you can find inside the surf board at BDR, which you can buy for 1 L$. With this lovely bikini I am wearing a colour change Hibiscus flower, which is also hidden inside a surfboard. You can find it at D-Style and the flower comes with a HUD to change the colour (free). The tattoo is by Pervette and it is free.
I found another great bikini inside the surf board at CH's. This bikini is again 1 L$ and I am wearing the hibiscus flower from above with this bikini.
The lovely tattoo is by 7 Deadly S[k]ins and it is free.
If you are using a landmark from my blog, it will land you at a set landing point. Now how to find the right store? TP does not work there, it will take you back to the landing point. This is what you do: Copy the LM from my blog in nearby chat. Then right click the landmark in nearby chat and chose *show on map*. On your screen a small red Arrow will appear, pointing to where I found the store. You have to walk or fly there...
My next find is a Hawaiian print bikini by RL Design. This bikini will cost you 1 L$. I am wearing again the hibiscus flower with this bikini.
Then I got the surf board at Citrus and I paid 1 L$ for it. Inside I found this cute capri set, top and pants!
Another store that gives away capri pants is BAD. They sell you their gift for 1 L$ and inside you will find a fat pack of solid coloured capri pants and one with 4 camo coloured capri pants! I am showing you just one colur, the rest will follow later! The cute bandana top is by Mooh and it is also 1 L$.
If you like hibiscus flowers, hop over to Bliensen & MaiTai. They give you in return for 1 L$ a set of 4 lovely hibiscus rings!
Over to nails. I actually found plenty of those on the Aloha fair! You need however SLINK hands (2250 L$ per fat pack of hands) or the SLINK nail enhancer, which works with regular hands (150 L$).
This first set is included in the free gift by Lumae. Inside you will find several shapes, which I blogged a few days ago. And also a Nail Hud with these lovely shades. They work for hands and feet!
And Dark Passion has these sand scripted nails for you if you buy their surf board for 1 L! Love the detailed nails!
The last set of nails are by Soul Designs and they will set you back 1 L$. You get no less than 12 great colours and the nails are very detailed! They are called Hippy Flower nails.