Sunday, August 4, 2013

SLC 60 $ offers and lots and lost of shoes.

Morning readers,
SLC has some awesome 60 L$ offers this week ladies, which I am showing you below. And I took a walk along Marketplace to find some shoes. I am totally shoe crazy, and I just wanted to find great shoes for a low price. But first SLC.
They have this great long Boho dress on offer for just 60 L$ this week. A perfect gown for summer, great to wear to your late summer night parties, or to the beach over your bikini.
This lovely gown comes in a lot of different colours and textures, I am showing you just 3. The textures vary from elegant romantic to hippie 70th style.
The lovely sandals are by Energie (300 L$ but you get 3 options)  and the great jewellery is by Lazuri. The lovely long hairstyle is Delilah by Tameless.
Hmmm I bet you are thinking: I need a perfect bikini to wear with this gown? Well I found one on Marketplace. This lovely bikini is by XTC Fever and you can get it in many great colours for just 1 L$ each. I am showing you the RED one.
Ohh yes just am crazy about shoes. I already told you N-Core has a LOT of their fat packs on offer for just 600 L$. You get 12 colours (one pack is 20 colours!) for this price, which is very cheap for such great quality shoes. You can find all N-Core fat packs here.
But as my blog is mainly about cheapies or freebies, I tried to find some more awesome shoes for much less.
Like this pair, which is by Blackburns. These lovely sandals are called Angel heels and they are free.
Another pair of shoes by Blackburns, but in a way different style are these spiked booties. They are called Diamond & Spiked OoAhMm shoes and they are also free.
I found some more booties on Marketplace and these are by Mekky's They are called Laced & Buckled ankle boots and these are free.
Mekky's also has some awesome Gothic Laceup Knee boots for free on Marketplace and they are just as great as the ankle boots!
The next ankle boots I blogged before. But what I didn't see then, I did see now: there is a hud included which gives you ALL these options below! These booties are by Paint, they are called Vanessa, and they are 1 L$.
Then I got these beige boots at JetCity's marketplace store. They are called Plaid tan boots, and they are free.
And these gothic boots are also by JetCity and they are also free. They are called Goth/Biker boots.
Another pair of boots by Jetcity are these colourful Rave boots, which are also free on Marketplace.
Over to shoes, pumps and fat packs. These great blue pumps are called Mother's Day shoes and they are by Orange Blossom Designs. They also come in PINK. They are free.
And these lovely shoes are by Sakura and they are called Cherry Blossom shoes. You can find them for free on Marketplace.
The next platform shoes are by {Quirks} and they are called Sia Platform shoes Ocean. They are 1 L$.
The next lovely Classic pumps come in a huge fat pack and they are by Plausible Bodies. They are totally free and you get so many that you will have problems choosing which ones to wear! Just showing you a few options.
Another great pair of pumps are these ones by Angel Alphaville. These lovely pumps come in teal and they are free.
The next pumps are also By Angel Alphaville and they are also free. They come in beige and are great to wear with tan outfits.
My last find are some awesome studded stilettos. They are by Ifftya and they are 49 L$, but you get a hud with these shoes so you can chose from 8 options!