Friday, August 16, 2013

Almost weekend !

Morning readers.
Friday morning here and the sun is shining. Almost weekend! Well before your weekend starts I want to show you some more awesome offers from Second Life. How about these cute 60 L$ offers by Sascha's Designs? Each week Sascha's Designs has 2 or 3 new 60 L$ offers! This week a cute pink dress, called Elena and a lovely flower dress called Kaydee (mesh).
The skins & shape I am wearing today is the Valentina skin & shape by WoW skins. This skin comes in 3 skin tones and with several make-up options. It is available at the Black Fair (runs till August 24th) (NOT free).
The beautiful jewellery is the Delia set by Lazuri. A perfect set to wear because you can change the colour and metal (NOT free).
I also found some great gifts. These 2 outfits are from the lucky boards at B!asta design.
And this cute hair band with bow is a gift at Atooly, it is from their lucky boards. Don't forget to pick up the cute ring with bow, which is a gift next to the entrance (not shown). The jewellery is the Delia set by Lazuri (not free).
While I was at Atooly I found the hunt gift from the Join the Picnic hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st and you are looking for a picnic basket. You can find a HINT & LINK page here.
Inside the Atooly basket (#60 in this hunt) was another cute hair band :) I am wearing this band with the romper I found inside the picnic basket at Vero Modero (#84) and I styled this romper with the bandana which is a hunt gift by Nasty Doll (#56) and cute kiwi earrings by Mu-shi Doll, which is #29 in this hunt. So if you like these gifts go hunting ladies.
There are actually a few great shorts & tops outfits in this Join the Picnic hunt. I found this one at #87 Winterwood. You just have to locate that basket and it is yours!
And this one is by BlahBLAHblah, which is #85 in this hunt. The cute hats are also a hunt gift and you can find this gift inside the picnic basket at #70 Happy Hat. You also get a picnic blanket with these hats (not shown).
Another store which has a top & skirt as a gift is #86 Miss Jewell. The basket is not that hard to find ladies and this set is fun to wear during summer! So why not give it a try?
This great tattoo is hidden inside the picnic basket at #6 Ink Blots. If you are into tattoos hop over and find that picnic basket! Look for the hint on the hint & link page.
There is also a shape to find in this hunt and this shape is the hunt gift by CoCo Sands. This is #8 in this hunt. I am showing you the Valentina shape right next to the Coco Sands shape so you can compare.
My last find is this fun jewellery set by RedRose jewellery. It is a necklace with matching earrings with cute apples. I love it! RedRose jewellery is #34 in this hunt.