Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hi there readers!
I actually am not a fan of Mondays, but with all these lovely goodies in my inventory your Monday will be a good one! Let me start with SLC because they have some awesome 60 L$ offers this week! You can get this great top in many colours and the skinny pants too for just 60 L$ ladies! I am showing you just a few options, there are many more to chose from in the SLC store!
Over to WoW skins. Lately I am wearing their Valentina skin & shape on my blog and I think that is a great one! Not free, but a lovely skin & shape. However WoW skins also has a new skin & shape on offer at the SL Fashion week. This great light skin is called Sabrine and it is available for 200 L$. A shape is included!
WoW skins also has changed their Midnight Mania gifts. They are group boards though and the enrolment fee is 250 L$. You get all previous group gifts in a box next to the August group gift though and you can click both: their lucky boards and their Midnight Mania boards. In the Midnight Mania boards is a full avatar hidden, including skins, shape, eyes, jewellery and 2 sets of clothes. This avatar is called Laura. And there is a Didy skin & shape in the other Midnight Mania board too!

And below are the newest gifts from the Lucky Boards at WoW skins:
Now if you are wondering which hair I am wearing today...this is a group gift by D!va hair. Joining the group is free and you won't only get the lovely hair in all colours, but also a great matching dress and gown. You can take the flowers off, you can take the top part of the hair off or you can change the colour of the flowers. The hair actually doesn't come in the red tone I am wearing. I changed it in EDIT and then changed the flowers back to their original colour.