Thursday, August 1, 2013

Going for that Neko Look?

Morning readers,
I am just trying some new looks...not because I want to change but because I just stumbled across some really nice lucky chairs again!
But first WoW skins. They have changed their lucky boards and I can't help it, I was just saying WoW! These gifts are so awesome! However they are GROUP gifts and joining is 200 L$. For that money you get a huge pack with previous group gift skins, and the ability to grab those gifts on the lucky chairs. And to click the Midnight Mania boards at WoW skins!
Below is what I got from the lucky boards.
I am always wearing freckles because in RL I have freckles too! The freckles I wear are by Glamorize and I was wondering if they still had them? Yes they do. Luzie said: maybe in the little shack behind their store... and there are older items there. But not the freckle layers. However the owner/designer of Glamorize told me they still sell older stuff in their MARKETPLACE store. You can find so many make-up items there, you won't believe it! And the prices are just unbelievable LOW!
And yes, they do have the freckle layers for just 5 L$ per 4 layers!
While I was at the Glamorize store there was an R on the lucky chair and I got this very cute top!
Over to the newest group gift by Soul! . This is a 60 L$ shop with a lot of mesh clothes for just 60 L$! So if you love MESH you should not miss this one! They send out a lovely group gift this week, but the group is closed for joining, so if you want to join you have to wait a bit and wait for the next group gift!
Over to Virtual Attire. They have many lucky boards and Midnight Mania boards too! Just NEKO outfits ladies, but nothing is keeping you from wearing these outfits without the Neko ears or tails! Just try your luck and TP your friends in too!