Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Hi readers,
Today I decided to go shopping. Now don't say: "what else is new?"...well what is new is that I decided to take my doggy shopping in Paris, wearing the newest group gift send out by Allusions. Joining the group is free and you will find this awesome fall set (cardigan, tee-shirt and pants with several different cuffs) in their past notices! The bag with my doggy is an older gatcha gift by M.G.S. (no longer available) The shop is now called SOUP and they have many Gatcha machines, but no longer with these cute bags.
Then I got these GREAT shoes. OK not in Paris but at ChOoOz. They send out this group gift to all members because the designer had a long vacation. What a great gift! And I am wearing these elegant sandals with the newest release by NS. They have these gorgeous pants for 100 L$ each or 250 L$ for the fat pack. The pants come with a hud so you can change the texture easily.
And if you decide to go shopping in Paris and in the evening you want to go out dancing and romancing...the newest group gift by Sascha's Design is perfect for you! This lovely September gown comes with the Empire skirt (top picture) and you can buy all the other skirts as an extra for 75 L$, so you can adjust the gown to your liking! Joining Sascha's Design group is 100 L$ but you get about 60 free previous gifts too! This gown has that lovely Indian summer feel...
The lovely jewellery is the All Glam Diamonds set by Lazuri. (not free).
Then I got this great summer dress from the Colors of Summer hunt. Perfect to wear on a Parisian shopping spree! I found the hunt item (a round box with the Colors of Summer hunt logo on it) at NiNight and inside was this sweet dress! You have to be fast to get it though, the hunt ends on August 28th. The hair I am wearing is the newest release by ChiChickie, called Shyla (not free but very affordable) and the elegant jewellery set is called Lolita Paragorn and it is by Lazuri.
Over to some more hunting. I was doing the Dare2Bare hunt and in this hunt you are looking for a #2. This hunt runs till August 31st and there is a HINT & LINK page with pictures of the gifts available. But I like to show you myself what I found, and this gorgeous jaguar print dress at Pink Pearl Design. If you like it too go find the #2 at their store! Jewellery is by Lazuri.
And this sexy outfit is by Wayward Angels. It is a sexy set of lingerie, but Wayward Angels also has another gift at their store, also from the Dare2Bare hunt. And that gift is the shape I am wearing on this picture.
If you like sexy, hop over to Atame and get this great bikini! It is hidden inside their #2 of the hunt.
Then I found quite a few bikini's or lingerie items in the Dare2Bare hunt. Which is what you would expect :) This skull bikini is by Que Bella, and it is yours if you can find their #2.
If you are into shorts & tops maybe you would like to find the #2 at Bitch Barbie. I so like the name of that store :) Anyway, they hid this great set inside their #2. The pasties are NOT included.