Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Morning readers!
I agree my blog titles aren't that great lately. But after 3 years of blogging I am running out of ideas. Anyway, I hope you still like what I am showing you despite of a lame title! So today again a mix of Marketplace and the Dare2Bare hunt. This hunt ends on August 31st, so hurry if you still want to find some of the great hunt gifts!

Here is the HINT & LINK PAGE, which is helpful if you want to go to a certain shop. I landed at Rotten Apple and fond the #2 at their store. This #2 is the hunt item in this hunt. Sometimes it is big and sometimes it is tiny, sometimes hidden well and sometimes you just can't miss it. Anyway the hunt gift at Rotten Apple is this great panther print bikini! Go find it!
The lovely jewellery is the All Glam Diamonds set by Lazuri (not free, but the set is colour change so you can adjust it to all your outfits!).
And then I went to Tekila Candy and they have a great gift for you if you can find that #2 at their store! I especially love the shoes, but hey I am a shoe fetish person :)
I found another bikini kind of outfit inside the #2 at Shabby Cat. So if you like this one better go find that #2 there!
At Ellette I found a very sexy little dress inside the #2. Wow...would you dare to wear this one?
Then I went to Star Shadows. They have a lovely gift at their store, don't forget to pick it up! It is the great teal jacket! The hunt gift are the other lace go hunting and get the gift as a bonus. I am wearing the EDA set by Lazuri with these jackets. (not free).
Over to some lingerie I truly like! I would wear this in RL! A great set which is hidden inside the hunt item at Moda! If you like it to know what to do!
The bangles are an older gift by CHop Zuey.
And Carries Lingerie also has a great set of lingerie for you if you find that #2! It is a great jump suit type of outfit in a lovely shade of green!
My next stop was at Fantasy Restraints. They have also a complete set of pants & top hidden inside their #2! The cute booties are included.
The next stop at Custom Inkz brought me this great shorts & top set. You only have to find that #2 to wear this one too!
And my last find today in the Dare2Bare hunt are actually 2 gifts. The cute skirt is the hunt gift at ThirteenTH and the vest is the hunt gift at Sasscandilous  Mesh. So if you want to wear this set you have to visit TWO stores and find TWO #2!
Over to Marketplace. I found a great starter gown...which might not be your choice, but maybe for your new starting friends in SL? This gown has many options and you can mix & match the parts. It is by FISL and it is free. I am wearing the Classic Pearl set by Lazuri with this dress. Which is also free on Marketplace. This set is colour change.

And then I found this cute black beach dress on Marketplace. I didn't see that a skin & shape and lipstick were included. It was free, but they charge you 50 L$ now for this dress with skin & shape. The store is called L1.