Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday, time to go shopping

Hi Readers,
Today I got a lot of comment on my blog. Someone actually stated that all free or cheap stuff is rubbish and no one likes it in Second life. I thought that was pretty strange, because my blog is actually well read and if you, my readers, would think it is rubbish, why would you come back? It also hurt me a lot.
Anyway. Let me know what you think. Is it rubbish and should I close my blog? Or do you actually like the free stuff?
Let me start with a great offer today, which is not free. Sascha's Designs has one of their best selling gowns for half the regular price on offer each week. This week it is the lovely ZieZo gown in magenta and this gown comes with 2 great tops, gloves, and several elegant skirt options. This week it is only 275 L$!
The lovely jewellery is the Empress Josephine set by Lazuri (not free).
The skin & shape I am wearing is the Valentina skin & shape by WoW skins. It is available at the Black Fair till August 24th (not free).
Then I got these lovely Empire gowns by SLC. SLC has these gowns in a lot of colours for just 60 L$ on offer this week. So hop over and get yours, they are amazing! I am showing you just the pink and the blue, but there are other colours available too. Jewellery is by Lazuri (not free)

My friend Gaea is celebrating her REZ day this weekend (CONGRATULATUONS GAEA!) and she has this great dress for just 25 L$ at her shop as a gift for everyone! You can find this gift here ~GL shop~
Next I did some more hunting in the Join the Picnic Hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st and there is a HINT & LINK page available. You are looking for a picnic basket in this hunt. And because we are talking gowns today.. I will show you the one I found in this hunt.
I landed at #57 in this hunt Miray Style and they have this lovely gown as a present hidden inside their picnic basket! The cute falts are included.
And the next cute ultra mini skirt is the hunt gift at #62 Reila skins. Only the skirt and the socks are the gift, the tee shirt is a freebie by Jane. So if you like a very short skirt go find that basket at Reila skins.
Then I found these cute pants inside the picnic basket at #67 Shey. I am wearing the same tee shirt as above with these elegant pants. Jewellery is by Lazuri (old group gift).
The next find is a very cute romper in white pinstripe which is the hunt gift at #90 Ceddy's Boutique. I am wearing the lovely jewellery by Always Eclectic with this romper and that is also a hunt gift. Always Eclectic is #69 in this hunt.
And then I landed at #98 in this hunt. Which is at Toxic High. When I put this gift on I immediately felt like a cowgirl. I am sure you will understand why! The hat and booties are included. Even a little mouth carrot is included in this gift! WOW!
During this hunt I landed at LooLoos Creations and I did find the hunt basket there. I blogged it before. But I also found the hunt item from another hunt, the DBCS Hunt. It was a window with orange curtains thing, so if you can find that too you will get this next great outfit.
And if you click the Midnight Mania board at LooLoos Creations you will get this great pirate dress ....