Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Who's that Girl hunt and an Easter Egg hunt at Vero Modero.

The Who's that Girl hunt is starting at April 1st and it runs till April 20th. There are many good designers participating and I am giving you a sneak preview on what you can get in this hunt ! You have to look for the letters WTG.
I blogged a few shops yesterday, and here is the next bunch.
This first great outfit is by [FIEND] and you get it in 3 exciting colors. There is also a leather body warmer included.

The shoes I am wearing with this outfit are the gift Kennedy's has hidden inside their WTG letters !
And if you hop over to [NN] and you find the WTG letters there (after the 1st of April ofcourse) you can get this sexy little outfit ! Necklace is included !
Another shop that is participating in this Who's that Girl Hunt (WTGH) is Oh Shoot! and they have this leopard top and 2 versions of the sexy leggings as a gift in this hunt !
This beautiful gown with the butterfly wings is the gift by LMDC, hidden in the WTG letters at their store. You can get the gifts till April 20th but you have to find the WTG letters at each store !
There are also a few designers that will give you a lovely skin IF you find the WTG letters in their stores ! The first one is  [Stunned] and they give you their Spring Sarah skin and shape.
And The Skin You're in has this lovely skin and shape hidden inside their WTG letters.
Last one is by WoW skins and they give you this great skin IF you find the WTG letters !

WoW skins also has a special at the moment, the shop-a-ton. The skins are just 50 L$ and they are such good quality! It is a real bargain so hurry over if you want a new or an extra skin!
The hunt at Vero Modero is already rnning so you can go there and have fun hunting immediately. You have to look for Easter eggs ofcourse as it is an Easter egg hunt. At the landing point is a sign of this hunt and when you click it you get a note with hints where to find the Easter eggs. There are 8 hidden for men and 8 for women but I am showing you ALL I found ...because after they landed in my inventory I had no idea if they were for guys or gals...
After you got the notecard with hints try THIS teleport, it will land you at one of the Easter eggs zo you can see what they look like.

The red sweater is NOT included.

Vero Modero is also participating in the FWH hunt and you have to find a big letter W. If you find it THIS is your gift inside.
And Vero Modero participates in the Moolto Sister hunt too! You have to find the Moolto sign at the store to get this lovely gown.
Last one: the gift from the LPW hunt. Vero Modero has hidden this great black outfit in the hunt item.
I actually have never blogged maternity stuff before but I found a free bag at Vero Modero with a lovely maternity ball gown, cute diaper bags with pacifier and bottle for biys and girls and a snuggly panda bear for free ! You can find it in a window at the Meternity section.

HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES even if you are expecting !!!