Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick Special

There wasn't much to find for St. Patrick day in SL but I managed to get some cute stuff anyway. Lovely green dresses, fun head thingies, haor, shoes...
And for those ladies who aren't Irish: you can wear a green outfit any day of the year !

This first lovely outfit is by LUZIFEE and it is only 30 L$ at the LUZIFEE store !
And this cute skin & shape with the shamrock on the cheek is by Oceana Anatine and it is called Niki. You can get it for just 1 L$.
The next cute outfit is called Shamrock fun dress :) And I am wearing the lovely Melanie hair with this dress. Melanie is by Edelstore. I changed the color of the Melanie hair in EDIT -> Textures.
The matching jewelry is by ItsDarlingMagic.
I am wearing this lovely hair also with the pants outfit by Abia Cappalini. The outfit is 1 L$. You can also wear it without the white tee shirt.
I am wearing shoes in pistachio by Zero Cool with this outfit. These chucks are also 1 L$.
The next outfit is by Textura and it is a leather outfit. This outfit is 1 L$ on Marketplace.
The Melanie hair looks great with this outfit ! I am wearing the SAW high heel shoes with this outfit. These shoes are also 1 L$.
And this sexy lingerie set is by Badoura Design. The lingerie is 1 L$.
I am wearing the shamrock pasties, which are 1 L$, by MoD with this set. And the jewelry is the one by ItsDarlingMagic.
I also found a lovely green gown on Marketplace. This gown is by SDC and the gown is called Gladys. The Melanie hair looks GREAT with this gown ! 1 L$ for the Gladys gown ladies !
Over to some other hair. This hair is by Alli & Ali and it is free in their Marketplace store. I changed the color of the hair in EDIT -> textures.
The hair is called Janey.
I am wearing a cute outfit by FWD with this hair. The hat is included.
The next hair is also by Alli & Ali but this hair is already red, so no editing this hair! The hair is called Kelis. The cute hair thingie I am wearing is called St. Patty's Antenna and it throws shamrocks all over the place.
The outfit is a hoodie and pants set by BHS. The cute shoes are by CandyMetal and they are 1 L$.
I am wearing the Kelis hair and the antenna with a few great tops too ! The first one is by Milly Molly.
The next tee shirt is by T shirt Authority and it has clover (shamrocks) all over it !
The last one is by far my favorite. I love the text on the shirt and I simply love the way it looks. It is by T Junction.
Not all the dresses, gowns or tops on Marketplace are just the way they look on the pictures that are shown. Frankly this dress by Genf looked quite good but in reality it is not good at all. 2 L$ for this dress ...
But then again this dark green sexy dress called Nadine, by Intimate You, is a GREAT sexy dress ! Perfect for a night dancing on St. Patrick day. 1 L$ for this dress. The cute boots are included.
Another cute dress is the one by Be Happy. It comes with a fun hat and it is simply a cute dress :) 1 L$ for this dress.
I am wearing a green butterfly choker with this dress which is also free on Marketplace. The cute shoes are Sweetheart Heels and you can own them for just 1 L$.
The hair I am wearing is Tatiana hair by Tameless. Not free, but GREAT hair.

I am wearing the butterfly choker with the lovely baby doll dress by Aniris Boutique. It is called St. Pats dress and you get a plain green version but also a shamrock version..
Je t'aime also has a sexy outfit in their Marketplace store. Lovely green color too.
The last one for today is the lovely outfit by BabyDolls. The elegant spring dress with the shamrocks on it comes with the shoes. The green jewelry is by Tenpenny.