Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some more hunting and some new releases !

The Who's That Girl Hunt (WTGH) hasn't started yet and I am just teasing you withthe lovely gifts you can get in this hunt ! Theya re all so great, you really don't want to miss this hunt ! The WTGH starts on April 1st and ends on April 20th.
I blogged some hunt gifts yesterday and the day before...and here are another few.
This first mesh top is the hunt gift by Dollz. You have to find the letters WTG and if you find them at Dollz you get this great top. The hunt hint is IT DRIPS.
If you find the WTG letters at CandyMetal you get this great bikini ! After April 1st ladies !
And Chi Seid has this sexy bodysuit hidden as a present in the Who's That Girl Hunt.
This cute striped dress is the hunt gift by Loordes of London. You can find it inside the WTG letters at their store.
Another shop that is participating in this hunt is N@N@. They hid this leg bracelet with a resizer hud inside the WTG letters !
And Hollyweird gives you this lovely necklace GIRL POWER if you can find the WTG letters at their store !
Hollyweird is also participating in the Shop-a-thon, where designers sell one of their items for just 50 L$. These are the lovely sets Hollyweird has for you for just 50 L$ each. The top one is called Jagged, the earrings only are called Kryptic.
And now oder to some new releases. This lovely gown is by LuzieFee and you might recognise it as a hunt gift in the Fashionista hunt. Luzie gave it away in white in this hunt, but it is such a lovely gown that she decided to bring out a black one as well ! You can get it at the shop.

This lovely Clara dress includes a skin, hair, shoes, jewelry and a hat and it is the gift by Luziefee in the Fashionista hunt (starts on April 1st).
This lovely make up is called True TEARS and it is by EyeLure. You can find it in their Marketplace store and it is only 49 L$. You also get the lipgloss without the tears.
And these lovely skins are a new release (so NOT free) at S U G A R. The skins are called Fireball and they come with a parted lips option and with 3 lovely blush options.

The next shop is Oh Shoot. They are participating in the WTGH (I blogged them before) but they also have some great design in their shop. Lovely sping dresses, matching shoes, all below 100 L$ ! So it is really worth to hop over and take a look. I got these great Printemps dresses, one is called Cherry Meadows (the pink one) and the other is caleld Princess Giraffe (the blue one). I styled them with the shoes from Oh Shoot. The cute flats are called Purette Vintage and the red shoes are called Rapide Passion.

And there is another hunt going on at Oh Shoot. It is called the Meanding Hearts hunt and if you find the hunt item at the store this great brown and orange dress with the earrings is yours ! I styled the dress with the cute Tenace Leo shoes, also available at Oh Shoot.

I also bought (yes you read that right) these cute green St. Pat boots at Oh Shoot. They were just 19 L$ and they are simply GREAT ! I couldn't resist to get them.
Over to the last shop, Earth Bangles & other Creations (or Earth Bangles for short). Don't look at the mess in the store, the owner is redecorating the shop. They have GREAT jewelry and the prices are very very fair. The lovely Besties necklace and earrings are a new release and they are just 43 L$ !
And this fun necklace and earrings set is called Dance Celebration Mexico and it is a gift in the Mexico a gogo hunt. The hunt starts on April 7th and it runs till May 5th. The necklace and earrings are color change by a hud. Many colors to chose from :) At Earth Bangles ladies.