Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Diesel Works, Siss Boom and the Designer Circle

Cilia, from Cilian'gel, told me to get the very cute and very free baseball poses at Diesel Works. I didn't want to, obviously because I do not play baseball, but she insisted and promised me that she will finish her baseball outfits so I can use these poses. As I don't think the outfits will be finished any  time soon I am posing in the new outfits from the lucky chair at Siss Boom.

There are 6 different poses, and 2 dresses by Siss Boom.

The Designer Circle has changed their offers again and it is sooo worth it to go over there ladies! A large group of designers offer one or more of their designs there for just 100 L$ or less ! There are also dollarbies to find !
They change their offers every 12 days (these will be there till March 31st)!
I am giving you the landmarks to the shops too, so you can visit the store if you like the designs they are making ! But the offers are only available at the Designer Circle.

The first one I am going to show you from the Designer Circle is E-Clipse. They have these lovely shoes as a special offer at the Designer Circle.
99 L$ for each pair of shoes.
And these fun shoes are by Gitchee at the Designer Circle! The mouthy banana is a dollarbie !
70 L$ for each pair of slipperrs

Lots of shoes this time ladies. How about these elegant boots by P.I.X.X.I.S. ? They have put 2 colors at the Designer Circle.
P.I.X.X.I.S. also has a fun tattoo at the Designer Circle !
99 L$ for each pair of boots.
And these boots are by Smexy. They are for sale in pink and light grey at the Designer Circle.
99 L$ for each pair of boots.
These green shoes are  part of the offer by Graffitiwear at the Designer Circle. You get them with the lovely green dress ! Graffitiwear also has put up 4 great tights for sale at the Designer Circle.
100 L$ for the lovely dress with shoes, 50 L$ for the tights.

Over to someting completely different: this elegant diamond necklace and earrings are the offer by BeautyCode at the Designer Circle. BeautyCode also has GREAT skins, worth to take a look at their store ! There are also a few hunts going on at BeautyCode.
75 L$ for this elegant diamond set.
If you want a cute, sexy or naughty dress to wear with this lovely neclace why don't you get the one at the Designer Circle by Mu-shi Doll? They have these 2 lovely dresses as a special offer, Aura in white and Sin in black. The necklace comes with the Aura dress, the belt is included in the Sin dress.
80 L$ for each dress.

Or get the cute school girl outfits by Abia Cappalini. They are soooo cute ! I feel like high school again ! Available at the Designer Circle (shoes not includesd they are by BabyMonkey).
80 L$ for each dress.

And last but most certainly not least is the GREAT hair Calico Ingman Creations (CIC) has put up at the Designer Circle. The hair comes in many many colors, I really cannot show them all !
This hair is called HAYDEN and it comes with a color hud, You can change the color and the streaks. And you can wear it with or without extensions !

100 L$ for this elegant hair.

And this hair is called MacKenzie. It also comes in many colors ! It is really FUN hair :). This hair is a DOLLARBIE (1 L$).

Last hair by CIC is this one, called Raulyn. Lovely fun dreadlocks in all colors.
100 L$ for this fun hair.