Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some days are just SKIN days

There are weeks I don't get any skins at all and then all of a sudden I get skins everywhere! This is the period the skin designers are really busy bringing out new releases and gifts ! Like this elegant skin by SHINE. It is their newest group gift/St. Patrick Day gift. Look at the great green lipstick :)
The lovely hair is Tatiana by Tameless (not free).
Shine also released a new skin called Lena. The skin comes in a lot of skin tones, I am showing you the PALE one. The skin has many make-up options and there is also a Lena SHAPE.

The next skins are by Dulce Secrets. The skin is called Oriana and it also comes with many make up options. The skin is a NEW RELEASE, so NOT free.
So when you have a new skin you want to show it of don't you? And you can do that in this GREAT gown. It is a GREAT gown and it comes wiht the lovely shoes. You can even wear it as a wedding gown :)
And guess what? It is the gift in the Fashionista hunt at Luziefee ! So get your hunting gear on ladies and find the hunt item, a pink shopping bag,  to get this great gown ! The hunt runs till 31st of March.
Thanks Luzie :)

Then I got these GREAT shoes by {Polished}. Lovely black and white plateau shoes, great to wear with lovely gowns :)
Another pair of great shoes is the hunt price at Sexy Bish. They are participating in the Fashion Centric Hunt
These shoes go great with the lovely gowns I found on Marketplace !Like this elegant black gown which is by LBD and which will be yours for just 1 L$.
The gown is called Audrey and I styled it with a necklace by Inca Temple, called Daring Heart and bangles by Liberty Natrural.

I am wearing the Liberty bangles with the dress/gown I found on Marketplace in the shop by Roxy clothing. The dress/gown is called Leaf gown. The lovely necklace comes with the gown.

The next gown is called Elegance black gown and it is by Imagine. The necklace comes with the gown.
This cute short black dress is by BL design and you can find it on Marketplace. The dress is called Carina. It is also perfect as maternity wear !
The shoes I am wearing with this dress are by WCI and they are black & white polka dot shoes. 1 L$ for these lovely shoes ! The jewelry set is by YRP and it is called A girls best friend :)

The next gown is pink as you can see and it is by Addicted. The jewelry I am wearing with the gown is by Luminotic and it is called Tribal necklace. You get 2 different ones. The shoes come with the gown.
Over to BL and their lovely rose dress. The dress comes with the elegant boots. I styled the dress with a necklace by Nobodaddy.

This elegant Mesh blouse is by R.Icielli and it is a lovely shirt to wear with a pencil skirt or with your faviorite jeans ! Or you can wear it with the necklace which is called Key to my is by Arisaris Rig.

The last one for today is a little fun glitter dress by Laval Fashion Store. It is called Anastasia and it is 1 L$. The elegant boots come with the dress.