Thursday, March 8, 2012

I will be away for a few days....

But I still have some goodies to share with you all !
This blog today will be all about Dulce Secrets. Luzie Cheng told me about the HoH hunt at Dulce Secrets. Thank you soooo much Luzie !
You have to find 25 magnifying glasses and you get...ohh WOW you get plenty skins, some are fatpacks in all colors ! And you get make up, tons of it...and lipstick, and and and....ohhhh eyes.

The glasses are all over the SIM, also outside, but they are quite easy to find. So even if you are not an experienced hunter you can find them all !

And these two skins are the gift you get when you land at Dulce Secrets !


Ohhh btw: #25 is a MALE skin (not shown)