Saturday, March 3, 2012

It is saturday..

..and I am sitting behind my PC thinking what to put on my blog. Let me start with the Skin & Hair hunt that has started. The hunt started on March 2nd and runs till April 2nd. You have to find a hairbrush at the participating stores !
There is a list of the participating shops, which is enclosed in the  first hunt item at Censored ! Good luck hunting ladies !
By the way the gifts are NOT free, you have to pay 10 L$ for each gift.
Here is a sneak preview of a few gifts, there are many more to find !

Then Jeannie Hallison hinted me about this GREAT make-up by Ricielli. You can find it in their Marketplace store for free and you get these lovely lip glosses !Thank you Jeannie !
To wear with all your lovely gowns SparkysGal from SG Design has put this lovely set for sale for just 10 L$. It is a great butterfly set, earrings, necklace and a great ring.
The next dress and the cute avocado suit are by Hucci. They are their MESH subscribo gifts and they are so cute !
I am wearing the lovely 60 L$ shoes by SLC with this elegant Hucci suit above. The shoes are 60 L$ this weekend only so you have to be fast to get them.
SLC also has a new SUBSCRIBO GROUP gift (top picture) and a new VIP group gift (lower picture)! Joining the vip group is 99 L$.

Then I got the new group gift by Baiastice too, such a lovely black dress ! Check the group notices to get it!
The newest group gift by Azul is this lovely lingerie set with the matching dressing gown :)
And the newest subscribo gift by LaRosa are these lovely nails !
I can't resist to show you the lovely gift Jara gave me for my RL birthday! Thank you so much Jara MWUAHHHH. It is not for sale, but you can always visit Aidoru, Jara's shop.