Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who is that girl in the wedding gown?

OH MY THAT IS me !!!
I was listening to Adele, Someone like you...and unpacking the Tie the Knot hunt items...and wow...all of a sudden I felt like a bride..
In the Tie the Knot hunt you have to find a box with a lovely ring. There is an official blog page HERE. The hunt runs till March 24th.
I went to Dashwood and oh yes I found the ring. Dashwood has TWO boxes at the store so don't stop after fining the first ! You get a bridal gown and you get a bridesmaid gown too ! The bridal gown can be wordn with a hughe train or a little less train.

Then I went to Blossom shoes, hoping I would find the perfect shoe to wear...and YES....isn't this shoe lovely? White and covered with pearls, perfect for a wedding day !
The next shop I went to was Carries Lingerie. You get the perfect undies for your wedding night and even boxers for him are included :)
Over to another great bridal gown I found on Marketplace. It is by Marinoco and it is totally free. The picture I made isn;t very good, I agree, it is a lovely gown believe me :)
Back to the Tie the Knot hunt...This cute dress is not very suitable for a wedding, but it still is the gift in teh Tie the knot hunt at Clarity Creations. Find the box with ring and it is yours.
The next elegant nighty is the gift at Ostentatious, again hidden inside the box with ring.
Excuisite Jewelry gives the lovely bride this elegant jewelry set hidden inside the jewelry box with ring...and the dog tags are their male gift.
And Digital Dragon Design has a necklace for the bride and the groom inside their box with ring.
Last one from this hunt is the elegant bridal skin by Vershe. Lovely for a sweet little bride...find the box with ring and you can wear it too.
Then I went to Shine. They have this great St. Patty skin (look at the green lips) for just 99 L$ at the store.
Sexy Bish has reached 200 group members and they have these lovely shoes for their group members to celebrate. CONGRATULATIONS Sexy Bish! They also have this Trashy girl outfit at the store, including shoes, for just 50 L$.

Over to Mary Jane shoes. THey have a new group gift at the store, lovely dark booties !
The next dress is a freebie on Marketplace and it is by R.Icielli. It is called Lolita dress.
These next cute dresses are by VA design and they are also from Marketplace. The top one is called POLKA DOT DRESSES and you get a fatpack with a lot of colors. The shoes and socks are included.
The next one is called Flower Dress and again you get a fatpack with a lot of colors.
Last one for today are the shoes I got from Tesla and the ones by WCI (West Coast Influence). The ones by Tesla are called Jane, and you get a fatpack with colors.
These ones are by West Coast Influence and they are 1 L$. The problem with these shoes is that there is no HUD to change the skintone. You can change it in edit however. I am showing you them just the way they are.