Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hair & cute dresses

Hair always makes me happy. Believe it or not ..I have over 500 hairstyles in my inventory ! I added these ones below,so I have even more now.
The first hair is by Tameless. As you might have noticed I am wearing the Tatiana hair by Tameless often. They have a new release now, called Alma. The hair comes in many colors, changable with an easy to use hud.
You can get a free demo on MARKETPLACE.
Tameless also has a complete avatar called Alma, complete with several skin tones, the Alma hair in several colors, hairbases, clothes, boots, piercings and all. It is for sale on Marketplace for just 299 L$ !!!
This lovely hair is by Battle Angel and it is called Jade. It comes in a grain color (yellowish) but you can change the color in EDIT -> texture. So I turned it into a red hairstyle :)
The next one is also by Battle Angel and it is called Uriel. The hair is very colorful.
The next hair is by Curious Kitties and it is also very colorful hair :)
Then I went to Edelstore and they have many free hairs. I chose these ones for you (and for me). This one is called Fedra. The Edelstore hair is usually also color change in EDIT->textures, so you can try and get your own color.
The next hair is also by Edelstore and it is called Liner hair.
And this hair is called Melanie and it is also by Edelstore. I change dthe color.
Over to ENVY. They have this white hair as a gift in their Marketplace store. The hair is called Dirty.
If you are looking for hairbases, I found TWO great sets on Marketplace for free.
The first one is by CATWA. The second one is by Truth. (not shown)

This cute set of 3 dresses is by Eldee and they are called KEI. I styled the dresses with the jewelry called Ball bracelet and Ball earrings. All can be found on Marketplace.
This next set of dresses is by ElDee and they are called RAIN. I was actually looking for spring dresses..not for rain :)
I am wearing the cute Vertextes jewelry set by PM with these fun dresses.
More fun dresses? How about this hot pink one by Aggressione? It is a cute glitter dress, great to wear in spring. I styled it with the bangles I got for just 1 L$ from Ticky Tacky. And with the choker by BlackRose (also 1 L$).

The next outfit is by Freedo.Om and it i called Daphne outfit. It comes with the hoody and the cute jeans skirt. The bag I am wearing with htis outfit is by YC and it is 1 L$.

Another cute dress is the one called Lizzy. It comes in a lot of colors, I chose the brown one to show you. If you want to see more colors, just click VISIT THE STORE on the right and it will lead you to the store.
I found this cute outfit with a cute shirt and a checkered skirt on Marketplace. It is by AT Design and it is called Kitty outfit . The pink bangles are by Noir Lily and they are called pink bangles (somehow I think that was an odd sentence).
And this cowgirl outfit with the blue checkered shirt and the jeans skirt is by Yumi Chiuh and it is 1 L$. Mind me: you only get the BLUE outfit, not the fatpack they are showing !
This next outfit is also by Yumi Chuih and it is also 1 L$. It is called Lika jeans rompers and you get the choice of long pants or a short skirt, a cropped shirt or a longer one.
How about this cute schoolgirl outfit by ESW? It is a fun outfit and guess what? The name is Funny dress :)
I found some more goodies on Marketplace ! This outfit is by Bukka and it was on their lucky chairs for a while. Now they put it as a gift on Marketplace ! The leather bag on the picture on Marketplace is NOT included !
And this outfit by Toa Kamaii is also free on Marketplace. The whole outfit is free, no shoes included though.