Monday, March 19, 2012

I see a Phoenix Rising at Worlds End Garden!

Aphrodite Odigaunt pointed out to me that Worlds End Garden has a new gift for their group members. Thanks so much Aphrodite :)
She is right, they have a lovely new gift ! And because I have blogged WEG a long time ago I will put the previous, still available gifts here too!
There are 2 shops, both with different group gifts. HERE and HERE.


Then I went to Phoenix Rising. They are closing down and they still have their 25 L$ store in SL. They also have a lot of 1 L$ gifts, which I am showing you below.

SKIRTS only on the next pics, the tops are by Jane.

Last one for today are the great new group gifts, voting gifts and marketplace freebies by Alli & Ali.
The VOTING gift and the GROUP gift are both avaiable at the Alli & Ali mainstore.
There is an action wall at the mainstore too, group members get a hughe discount (50 %) there ! Wear your group tag.

The next hair are the free styles on Marketoplace. Click the names for links.