Saturday, January 31, 2015

Free from head to hem

Morning Readers,
I want to start my blog today with an apology to one of my friends. One of my friends took me to the store I am going to blog today, but sorry sorry sorry...I can't remember who it was....still I want to thank you so much! We both thought the Bomber Jacket was gone but NO it was still there, keep reading how I found it!
OK so one of my friends took me to IAF and she told me they had this cute group gift, a bomber jacket for ladies. We could not find it...and she left. But just after she left I found a bag with 20+ freebies on the counter...and inside, later on, I found the bomber jacket too. Curious? Well here it is below.
I am wearing a brand new released skin by WoW skins today, and guess what: it is named after me: Foxy :)
Foxy is available on the Hipster Fair which starts on February 1st and which runs till February 15th. I am wearing the darktan version, make up #5.
The lovely hair is Cecelia and it is by Tameless. I am wearing the natural pack, but there is also a fantasy pack and a fades pack available. Each pack comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the hair into 30 tones. 249 L$ per colour pack and 499 L$ for all 3 packs.
Today on my blog you will see ALL the gifts by IAF. Most of them are in ONE bag, called 20+ freebies, just the sexy short jeans skirt was a group gift (joining their group is free). And all of these outfits come with many appliers. And I mean truly MANY.
This is the jeans skirt I was talking about above: (the geek top is inside the 20+ freebies box - no group needed).
And ALL below is in the huge gift bag (If not I will put it above the picture).
The lovely hip scarf and head scarf are gifts, the tee shirt is Milou by Sascha's Designs. Milou comes in packs of 3 shirts for 199 L$, several colour packs are available.
And if you are wondering about the hair: You already have this hair inside your inventory. Is is called Asymetric Bob and you can find it in your library. It actually comes in blond, but I changed the colour in edit-> texture-> colour.
The next dresses are called Love dresses and there are 3 different colours as a gift. The croc clutch is also a gift. So is the Mickey neck tattoo.
Then I found this awesome split skirt in black and white inside the bag and also the lovely short mesh puffed sleeve jackets in 3 colours. The white shirt and the bow necklace are NOT included. The necklace is by Fairy Tail and it is very old. However there is a similar one on Marketplace for 1 L$. And the shirt is no longer available, but Addams has a lovely cropped shirt including a colour change hud for FREE on Marketplace.
And these 2 sexy lingerie sets are also gifts.
Next I am wearing brown ripped jeans and a sexy bow shirt. And the same jeans with a boyfriend checkered shirt.
This fun dress is also a gift.
And my last find inside the gift bag is a lovely split skirt and a sexy short top in black.