Thursday, January 1, 2015

A new year!!

Happy new Year Readers!!
Today on my first blog for 2015 you will find some great freebies/dollarbies from Marketplace, some awesome offers from te last days of the 95th round of the Designer Circle and some really great new group gifts and a subscribo gift by Lazuri.
But let me start with what I found on Martketplace. These fun Happy New Year high tops are by EB Atelier and they are 1 L$. They come with balloon emitters and they are so much fun to wear!
Then I found this great sparkle top hat on Marketplace. It is by LibbyTulips and it is free. Happy New Year!
To wear with the hat you could get these fun colour change glasses which are by Voiku Jefferson and they are 1 L$. The colour changes from yellow to blue.
Over to the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till January 3rd so you only have TWO days to go grab those bargains I am going to show you below!
Today just offers from JK Style on my blog. I love their bargains because they are low priced and you get such great quality! And at the Designer Circle they have this lovely Geneva dress on offer for just 75 L$. Included is a colour change HUD which changes the dress into 6 great textures. The long Pearls are also included and so are the elegant knee high boots!
Then I got this girly Ameera dress which is also by JK Style and you can find this dress at the Designer Circle too. This dress comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the dress into 5 lovely pastel tones. The elegant sandals for SLINK HIGH feet are included, so are the diamond necklace and matching earrings. All for just 85 L$.
And there is more! JK Style also has this sexy Ivana outfit on offer at the Designer Circle for just 95 L$. This outfit comes with a colour change HUD which changes the jacket into 4 great textures and you get a blue and a brown pair of skinny jeans. The Sunglasses and the SLINK HIGH sandals are included.
Then JK Style has these awesome Rowan heels in a pack of 2 for just 95 L$ at the Designer Circle. These heels are for SLINK HIGH and they come in black and gold.
Over to Lazuri. They have 2 awesome new group gifts which I missed I picked them up now. Joining the Lazuri Group is 250 L$ and you have to decide wether the group gifts are worth to join! I think they are.
Both group gifts are colour change, which means that you can change the colour of the metal, pearls, gems and diamonds by touching the jewellery. I have been playing around with the colours so you can see a few options below.
The first gift is called Princess of the Forest.
The next gift is called DolceStella and it is their Christmas gift.
And there is a (free) Subscribo gift at Lazuri too. This elegant set includes a necklace and 2 different types of earrings. The necklace has 2 parts which you can wear together (like I did) or separate. This set is colour change by touch too. Just subscribe to their news letters and you get this elegant set.