Thursday, January 8, 2015

More bargains under 100 L$

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog again more offers from the Designer Circle. They are just too good to miss out on, nothing there is over 100 L$. And where can you get a quality skin for 99 L$? Or a HUD driven outfit for even less?
The current round of the Designer Circle is #96 and it ends on January 17th. Each round is about 2 weeks, then the store is closed for 2 days and a new round will start.
And what did I get there today? I just fell for the awesome bodycon dresses Eyelure has on offer at the Designer Circle. They come in 4 great colours, black, blue pink and purple and they are just 99 L$ each.
With these dresses I am wearing Vivy darktan, by WoW skins. You can find this skin in 5 skin tones at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per skin tone.
The cute shoes are also on offer at the Designer Circle and they are by Hollyhood. They come in 3 colours and each pair is 99 L$. You need SLINK HIGH feet though to wear these shoes.
The lovely jewellery is the Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri which is in their sales department for just 150 L$. You get a long necklace and matching earrings and this set is colour change, which means you can change the colour of the metal and the gems by touching it.
Then I found this awesome dress by Stormcrow Designs at the Designer Circle. The dress is called Arianna and it comes with a colour change HUD which changes the texture of the dress into no less than 8 great colours. The necklace is included, so are the elegant clutches in 7 matching colours. And you also get a pair of black SLINK HIGH pumps. All of this for just 100 L$.

Then I saw this London outfit by JK Style at the Designer Circle. You get a pair of skinny pants, elegant SLINK HIGH sandals in black and a lovely top with a colour change HUD which changes this top into 6 great colours. The top has an awesome low back.
I could not get the HUD to work though and the designer didn't reply to my message. Just 99 L$ for this outfit.
My next find at the Designer Circle is also my last one for today. Coco Sands has a lovely shape on offer at the Designer Circle and it is called Hailey. This lovely shape is yours for just 99 L$. You can also go for that awesome gypsy dress Coco Sands has on offer too. This dress is also 99 L$.