Friday, January 2, 2015

Let's start the year with some hunting

Hi there Readers!
Today on the second day of 2015 I did some more hunting in the Peace on Earth hunt. This hunt runs till January 6th, so you have to hurry of you still want to search all #117 stores that are participating in this hunt! You are looking for a blue globe with a white dove on it in this hunt.
There is a LINK page available (no hints) which is helpful if you get stuck.
Each gift in this hunt is free.
And I did some more shopping on Marketplace too.
Let me start with the Peace on Earth hunt. I landed at #53 BlueMoon Enterprises and I found this awesome fairy gown including the wings inside their hunt globe of this hunt. It is an awesome gown and you onky have to find the globe to get it.
The hunt gift by #06 Emo-tions goes great with this lovely gown. You get a beautiful mask if you can locate the hunt globe at their store.
Then I went to #58 Evaki. Another lovely gown is their hunt gift. I love the head piece that comes with this gown. Just find that globe and it is yours to wear!
#20 1 Hundred is also participating int his hunt and they have a lovely flower top as a hunt gift hidden inside their POE globe. I am wearing this great top with another hunt gift, a great red boho skirt which is hidden insde the hunt globe at #42 K-Code. All you have to do is go hunting.
My next stop was #83 Brahams. They have this lovely mesh flower dress with belt as a hunt gift and it is just awesome to wear!! really worth to spend some time hunting there ladies and get this awesome hunt gift.
To loose that extra weight you build up during the Holidays, go hunting at #61 B&T Mesh. You will get a great jogging or work-out suit if you find the POE globe at their store. And the High tops inside the hunt globe at #109 Wicca's Wardrobe goes perfect with this suit, ready for a good work out!
Next I found these awesome mermaid leggings at #85 Biscuit. And the top and jacket which are the hunt gift at #114 MEB look awesome with these leggings! All hunt gifts are free, so a complete new outfit for just have to do some hunting!
Over to Marketplace. There are many great freebies or dollarbies to find there and it is my favorite place to shop without spending too much. So I will share my latest finds here with you. How about this sexy little snowflake dress, which is by BSN and it is called Party in the back. If you wonder why...look at the pictures :) This dress is 1 L$ and there is a BLUE VERSION too, also for 1 L$.
Then I found 2 great outfits at Say Yes on Marketplace. This first outfit is called White Mini dress and it comes with the matching boots. This dress is free.
Say Yes has another lovely dress for free, and this dress is called  Beige one shoulder dress and this dress comes in a lovely shade. Perfect for a day shopping or an evening chatting with friends.