Saturday, January 3, 2015

I love RED from the moment I get up till I go back to bed. Especially when it is FREE!

Morning Readers!
Today just RED on my blog, and it is all from Marketplace. Which means it is either free or 1 L$.
So here goes...I hope you love red!!
This elegant red gown is by Stella Maris and it is called Reine gown. This lovely gown is free. 
I am wearing an elegant updo with this gown and this updo is by Mayden Couture and this hair is called Melissa reds. You get 3 great red shades for just 1 L$.
The lovely jewellery set is by La Petite Perle and it is called Mignonne gold and red and it is free.
The beautiful skin I am wearing today is Tilda Darktan, make up version #4 by WoW skins. This is a new release so NOT free.
Over to another red outfit called Rebeca, which is by Rebeca Trill. You can wear it as a short dress, but you can also wear it with the lace leggings. I just love the lace details. This outfit is free.
I am wearing aesome SLINK HIGH sandals with this outfit and they are called Diva's Courtney high heels. They are free and they are by BigDaddyfr33ks.
My next find  is a lovely red winter dress by Tiffany's Designs. This dress is free and it is perfect for a winter sleigh ride with friends!
I am wearing another delicate jewellery set by La Petite Perle with this dress and this set is called Fleurs des Neige (Snow flowers). This set is free.
Then I got this great Christmas gift by Arsenic. This dress is called Bottle dress and the shoes are included. They are for SLINK HIGH feet and I just love the complete set with the little butterflies on it... The set is free.
Over to another sweet red dress. This one is by SemPatixx and it is free. Just a simple lovely red mesh dress which you can spice up with great jewellery. I am wearing a beautiful red cameo pendant with this dress which is by The Vintage Touch. This necklace is free.
You could also decide to wear this next outfit, which is a lovely red off shoulder sweater by Sweet Poison (free) and a pair of glitter red pants which are by Blue Velvet (free).
I am wearing a jewellery set by La Petite Perle with this outfit and it is Mignonne in red and silver.
The fun high tops are by EB Atelier and they are 1 L$. Great to wear on New years day! These shoes come with several emitters with balloons and 2015.
You could also deside wo wear the Mignonne red and gold set by La Petite Perle with this outfit (free)
Or you could decide to wear the Fleurs des Neige set by La Petite Perle with this outfit (free).
And if you do not like the sweater I am wearing above, you could also get the Year of the Sheep sweaters by By Snow. 2015 is the Year of the Sheep (or goat). You will get 3 different sweaters, each with a sheep on them for free.
Aren't they fun?