Monday, January 26, 2015

SHOES...I love SHOES...and more shoes....

Morning Readers!
On this awesome Monday morning I have shoes for shoes, fun shoes, high shoes, flat shoes, booties and shoes...ok just a LOT of shoes. And for those who find shoes boooooooring (can't imagine that there are some that do think that) I have a dress and jewellery too. But mainly SHOES!
So here goes.
Baby Monkey has great shoes, but you all knew that right? Joining their group is 250 L$ but there are weekends when the group is free to join. And Baby Monkey has awesome group gifts! Besides that: they have Lucky chairs with shoes (group) and Lucky chairs with clothes (group). Below is what I got there.
This dress is called Lalla and it comes with a colour change HUD. it is from the Midnight Mania boards at BabyMonkey.
I am wearing the newest group gift by Chop Zuey with this Lalla dress. The earrings are free for everyone, the rest of the set is for VIP group members (joining is 350 L$).
The Patti tennis shoes, the Maxine booties and the Baby Smuggs are group gifts.
Then I got some awesome shoes from the Lucky chairs at Baby Monkey. I just love the Starla shoes. They come with a colour change hud which changes the shoes into so many colours you won't believe it. And the same gows for the Alena shoes! Thank you LunaCaerula for sending me a TP to the chairs :)
Just showing you a few examples below.
Both pumps are for SLINK HIGH feet.
The Harper boots are from a Midnight Mania board at Baby Monkey. You get a HUD witht hese boots which changes the shoes in all thinkable colours. Just showing you a few examples below.
The next shoes are group gifts by Finesmith. Joining their group is free and you get all these lovely Candybirds boots as a group gift. They are for SLINK HIGH feet.
Finesmith also has a lovely jewellery set as a group gift and it is called Morning Star.
Over to Marketplace, alsways a good way to start shopping, or to finish shopping :) I found a LOT of free shoes...and I am going to show you all below.
These first shoes are by Darania Vilolet. The sandals are for SLINK HIGH feet and they are called Devil shoes. (free)
The Pony shoes are also by Darania Violet and they are also for SLINK HIGH feet. (free)
And this fat pack of shoes is a sample set for SLINK HIGH, SLINK MID, and SLINK FLAT feet. You get a colour hud with each shoe type to change the shoes into 4 colours. This awesome pack is free and it is by Garbaggio.
My next find are these awesome shoes by VaVaVoom. They are for SLINK HIGH feet and they are free.
VaVaVoom also has a pair of NON slink shoes on Marketplace and these shoes are called Wild Night shoes. (free)
The next shoes are also NON slink and they are by Blackburns. I think they are just funny...with the Newbie heels! They are free.
Another pair of system feet shoes are the next ones by Patula's House. You get a huge fat pack with many colours and textures for free. I am showing you just a few options below.
These pink shoes are by Je t'Aime and they are free. They come with a HUD to change the skin tone and the nails.
Another pair of free system shoes are these pink ones by Angel Alphaville.
These sexy black boots are by Deluxe Bodyfactory and you can find them for free on Marketplace. They are for system feet.
My last finds...hmmm....well i found a pair of BLING shoes for those who are just as old as I am in Second life. They will bring back memories of our first real shoes ladies....and they are free. They are by Creations by Alva. NO PICTURES though!
And my really LAST find are awesome DECK shoes. They are by Plausible Bodies and you get a huge pack with many colours. Just showing you a few options below. They are for system feet and they are free.