Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gonna get Married...

Hi Readers!
Am I gonna get married in the Chapel of love? No not really, but this song came to mind when I was trying on one of the gifts in the Peace on Earth hunt!
This hunt runs till January 6th so you have 2 days left to visit all #117 stores in this hunt. You are looking for a blue globe in this hunt with a white dove on it.
There is a LINK page available which is helpful if you get stuck!
Now why did I think of gettting married? I unpacked the hunt globe I found at #22 Paisley Daisy. Inside I found this awesome gown in white with a lovely veil.
The skin I am wearing today on my blog is by WoW skins and it is called Tilda darktan, cleavage option, make up #4. This skin is a new release so NOT free.
The lovely hair is by Tameless and it is called Zaida ruby colour. THis hair is 249 L$ for a fat pack of 30 colours, including a colour change HUD which changes the hair tone into those 30 options.
And then I went to #74 Here and Now and they also have a lovely white gown as a gift in this hunt. This gown comes with a lovely white fur and you just have to find that globe to wear this gown ladies!
Another white dress is hidden inside the hunt globe of #110 Bubblez Style. This great dress is a beauty and it comes with an elegant head piece to wear with the dress.I feel like a Greek godess in this dress.
Then I found another lovely gown inside the hunt globe at #111 Unique Boutique. I fell for the colour, green goes great with my red hair. But I am sure blond or brown or black will look just as good. Go find that globe to get this awesome gown.
Another participant in this hunt is #100 Luzifee. Luzie has put a lovely lavender gown inside het hunt globe of this Peace on Earth hunt and if you can find it, this gown is yours. And the Pearls are included ladies!
This next gown is the gift #115 Paris Metro has as a gift for you if you can find the hunt globe at their store! You will see heads turn and jaws drop when wearing this awesome gown!
In this Peace on Earth hunt are also many dresses to find, not only gowns. This little red dress is the hunt gift by #113 Con Charisma. A fun dress to wear with a lovely Holly detail. The elegant jewellery is by Lazuri and it is their Queen of Hearts set (not free, very affordable, look in the discount department).
And this beauty is by #112 SiS Boom. The texture is like a heavy brocade, it has a beautiful glow and a rich feel to it. Just go find that hunt globe ladies!!
This lovely skin is the January group gift by WoW skins, called Rory. Joining the group is 350 L$ but you get all previous group gifts in a box next to the group joiner and a new group gift each month!
In winter time you might need warm mittens, warm boots, a hat and a scarf to keep you warm. #108 Dressed by Lexi understood that perfectly so they hid all of these items inside their hunt globe of the Peace on Earth hunt. You just have to find it. The jeans and top are NOT included.
My last find is at #107 Only yours. After wearing all these gowns and lovely dresses, you want to kick off those heels and just cocoon at your home in a perfect pajamas which you can find in the hunt globe at the Only Yours store! So do the hunting and curl up on that couch with a hot tea and a book...