Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sunny Side up in a gown

Hi there Readers!
I can't get enough of the Sunny outfits I found on Marketplace. So today on my blog GOWNS in a Sunny colour and they are either 1 L$ or free!
And I have some awesome offers to show you from the Designer Circle. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and there are many great Second Life designers who offer one or more of their great designs for a very low price there! Their current round tuns till January 30th, so don't wait too long to go get those great offers!
Let me start with a great gift that made me smile. My friend Hannah has made this Sunny Side Up Giraffe as a gift for me...and it made me very happy and I could not stop smiling. Thanks Hannah !
Now if you want to have this fun Giraffe have to wait! Hannah is setting up a new brand...with all lovely items for your home. Keep an eye on my will be revealed soon where to find these awesome items!
Next I want to show you the awesome skins WoW skin has on offer at the Designer Circle. This beautiful skin is called Aleida and it comes in 5 skin tones. Each skin tone is just 99 L$ at the Designer Circle and that is a bargain for such a detailed lovely skin! All appliers you might need are available at the WoW skins main store.
The lovely hair is from the (free) Midnight Mania board at Alice Project. There is also a mini mania board there and a Lucky board. And if you look around you will see that all the Alice Project gifts from their Advent Calendars are on offer for just 50 L$. The hair I am wearing is called Persuation.
This lovely gown is by Preptopia and it is called Old Holywood Blue. The gown has that lovely vintage style, the satin is beautiful and the added sequins gives the gown that special edge. It comes with a fur stole which is colour change by a HUD. It was a gift to me from my friend Lorelai Bonetto (thank you so much Lorelai), but you can also get this awesome gown.
You can find this gown NOT at the Designer Circle but at the Luxury Haute Couture Fashion Fair and there will only 100 copies of this dress being sold, so it is really an exclusive gown (NOT free).
I am wearing this lovely gown with the poses Eternal Dream has on offer at the Designer Circle. The poses are called Honey and there are 2 packages available, each with 5 lovely poses. Each package is 100 L$.
Over to my Marketplace finds.
Gowns today ladies! In a Sunny colour of course! How about this lovely yellow gown by Seldom Blue? This lovely gown is totally FREE! I styled the gown with the lovely long sparkly necklace Milady has on Marketplace for free.
And with the elegant old gold bangles by CovertNoom which are 1 L$.
The next gown is by Badoura and it is called Summer Maxi dress. This gown is free. I styled the gown with one of the lovely sets Paddling Melody has for free on Marketplace. You get a lime and a lemon set.
And this gown is also by Badoura and it is called Gold gown. You can find it on Marketplace for 1 L$. I am wearing the same jewellery with this gown as I blogged above: the necklace by Milady (free) and the bangles by CovertNoom (1 L$).
You can also decide to wear these lovely diamond earrings by JCNY with the gowns above. They are free.
Now with these gowns you will need shoes, don't you agree? I found a few pairs for you. How about these sandals in yellow by BLOKC? They are for SLINK HIGH feet and they are 1 L$.
And these pumps are by Gifts Home and they are free. You can wear them with system feet.
And these Talyna shoes are by Enkythings and they are also for system feet. And also free.
Or you can decide to join the Baby Monkey group (250 L$) and stand at their (group) Lucky chairs for a bit to get these awesome Starla pumps. They come with a colour change HUD which changes the colour into many lovely shades to go with all your outfits.