Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Boho Fair and new releases by Lazuri

Morning readers!
When I was working on my blog, taking pictures of the lovely jewellery...I heard this song by Kate Perry...the burnt Tiger eye jewellery just was the trigger :)

Today I am going to start with 2 new releases by Lazuri. You all know I just love their jewellery and I am wearing it frequently on my blog. This time Zuri has released 2 great new sets. They are called Kaya set #1 and Kaya set#2. And guess what? For the time being you get a 50% discount.
Let me show you Kaya set #1. This set is 949 L$ if you buy the complete set. Every item is also sold separately.
What you get is:
* 2 different necklaces. One with stones, which can be worn with one, three or five stones, and one with 3 strands and beads. You can wear those together or separate.
* You get 2 different rings to wear left and right. One  with a stone on your ring finger, another one to wear on your index finger.
* You get great earrings.
* You get as belly chain.
* there are 3 different bracelets too which you can wear separate or together!
And the fun thing is: you can change every part of these sets, the stones, the beads, the wood parts, and the metal, which gives you hundreds of possibilities to wear these jewels!

And this is Kaya set #2. This set is 549 L$ for the time being. All components are sold separate too, so you can just get what you like.
This set is also colour change, you can change the metal, the beads, the pendant, the wood and the stones, all at once or separately. Which again gives you hundreds of ways to wear this set!
And this is what you get:
* you get a LONG necklace, a MEDIUM one and a SHORT one which you can wear separate or together. These necklaces are metal with beads.
* you get matching earrings (metal with beads)
* you get a long necklace wit a pendant and a wooden rim
* you get matching earrings with a pendant
* you get a necklace that is made of stones.
Then the Boho Fair 2013 starts today! This fair runs from October 16th till October 31st. You can find all INFO ABOUT THIS FAIR here. And you can find the Boho Fair here (this landmark coms from their website).
My friend Jara, owner and designer of Aidoru, is taking part in this fair. Lots of participants have a gift at this fair and they offer some awesome designs too. Aidoru has this great belt as a gift at the Boho Fair. The top is a freebie by Jane (you get a fat pack intrinsic tanks).
The jewellery is the Tres Chic set by Lazuri. (NOT free).
And this is the Boho Hunt special design Aidoru has at this fair ladies!

The next lovely gowns are also a Boho Fair special. The jewellery is the Kaya set by Lazuri (NOT free but 50% discounted)
And the rest is just themed...all great Boho Fair outfits.
This  great Granny top can be found on the Boho Fair and these cute shorts too.
And these shorts can be found there too...all by Aidoru. Jewellery is the Tres Chic set by Lazuri (NOT free).
How about this very Boho overall? You can find it on the Boho Fair ladies.