Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Autumn blog

Morning Readers,
Autumn is coming here, it is getting colder, winter savings will be here I thought today I will make an AUTUMN blog. What helps is that there are a few great Autumn hunts in Second life, and what also helps is that Halloween is around the corner.
Anyway, let me start with Sascha's Designs. They have an awesome new group gift at the store, a beautiful fall gown. Joining the group is 100 L$, but you will get a free new gown each month and you will also get all previous group gifts, which makes a total of about 60 gowns. So 100 L$ well spend!
You can buy extra skirts with the monthly gowns for 75 L$, so you can style your gown in your own special way.
Sascha's Designs is also participating in 2 hunts and it is a bit confusing, because one hunt is called Trick or Treat hunt, and the other one is called Nevermore Trick or treat hunt.  Below you can see the gifts you will get if you can locate the hunt item of each hunt!
This is the gift in the Nevermore Trick or Treat hunt (look for a pumpkin with a raven on it):
This is the gift in the Trick or Treat hunt:
I found a few more great gifts in this here goes...
This first outfit is the gift in the Nevermore Trick or Treat hunt by Cilian'gel. And it is yours if you can locate the hunt item at their store!
The flip flops are by N-Core and you get flat bare feet with them. NOT free though.
My next stop was at L'Quen Oreben. They have a bat snack for you as a gift and a circling bat, which rotates around your head. Soooo cute! Go find that pumpkin and it is yours!
Then I found the pumpkin at Gumi's Bad Box. They have this awesome witch hat as a gift in this go hunting if you want to wear it!
The next stop was at Reliquia. Ohh I just love those boots...they are way too cute to only wear on Halloween! It is not so hard to find the pumpkins in this hunt ladies, so if you like these boots...go find it!
Another store participating in the Nevermore Trick or Treat hunt is Chimeric Arts & Fashion. If you find the pumpkin at their store these great masks are yours.
I found some more masks in this hunt and these are the gift at LaNoir Soleil Designs and they are just scary!
My last find for today in the NTTTH is this cute top by Somnia. The top is called Awesome Panda Tank and it is an awesome top :) Just find that hunt item look this cute.
Over to a dress you could wear on Halloween too. This great dress is by GraffitiWear and you can find it at the Designer Circle for just 95 L$, including the lovely lace stockings and the great matching necklace.
GraffitiWear also has a very cute pair of mesh hot pants at the Designer Circle, which is on offer for just 50 L$. I styled the shorts with a top by Jane (free) and with lovely jewellery by Lazuri (their Tres Chic set - NOT free).
The last find for today is actually one I really love. As soon as I put this outfit on, I wanted to wear it all day! It is just a lovely set, great skinny pants, lovely top. This set is by B!asta and it is available at the Designer Circle in 4 great colours! And believe it or not: each set is just 75 L$ ladies! You should not miss this one !